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Hiking around Mallorca

February–May | September-October • activity

Cliffs, hills, mountains, canyons, torrents and the valleys of Mallorca await you

Scuba Diving in Mallorca

March–November • activity

Do not spend all your time on the ground, as the waters of the Balearic Sea hide many unforgettable attractions as well

Mountain Biking

September–May • activity

Some hills are for climbing, some for cliff jumping, and some are ideal for mountain biking

Cliff Jumping

April–October • activity

Overcome your fear of heights, and try a free fall jump

Bougainvillea Bloom

April–September • nature

Beautiful vines cover many trees and bushes on the streets of Majorca


April–September • activity

The deep waters of the Balearic Sea are not so scary while atop a gliding surfboard with the wind at your back


Festa des Vermar or Grape Harvest Festival

not in rangemid-September • event

100 years before Christ, Mallorca was already making wine

Beach Season

not in rangeMay–October • activity

Check out the best and the least crowded beaches in Mallorca

Boating and Yachting around Mallorca

not in rangeMay–October • activity

Feel the wind in your hair, while a luxury yacht crosses the waves of the Balearic Sea

Saint Anthony's Day

not in rangeJanuary 16–January 17 • event

Watch dancing demons, try eel ensaimada, and have your dog blessed in Mallorca on the Sant Antoni celebrations

La Festa de's Cavall

not in rangeAugust 28 • event

Watch this gorgeous dance of horses

Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival

not in rangeFebruary 10–11, 2018 • event

Check out this small Rio de Janeiro style Carnival on the streets of Mallorca

Dijous Bo Fair

not in rangeNovember 16, 2017 • event

For two days the city of Inca turns into the capital of Mallorca because of its liveliness, noise, and great number of people

Almond Trees Blossom

not in rangelate January–March • nature

Fill the irresistible scent of almonds flowers and taste some new dishes made with nuts

Lizards of Sa Dragonera

not in rangeJune–August • nature

This attraction is only for those who don't have reptiles on their list of personal phobias


not in rangemid-October–February • food

Spread it on bread, try it with honey, or eat it separately—try every possible variation of Mallorca's favourite sausages

Angel's Sunday

not in rangeApril 08, 2018 • event

Celebrate Angel's Day, also known as Domingo del Angel in Spanish, in an ancient castle

Trempo Salad

not in rangeJune–August • food

Try this fresh, simple, healthy, and tasty snack

Prickly Pear

not in rangeSeptember–December • food

A most delicious taste hides behind the thin and spiny skin

Dolphin Fish

not in rangeAugust–October • food

Local seafood is remarkable and delicious


May 21May 31
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