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April — February • food

Although available year-round frozen shrimps are nothing like fresh white and brown ones!

Crawfish Season

December — July  • food

It's crawfish time! Definitely the most important food season in New Orleans


November–April • food

Although Louisiana oysters are available year round, best time are the cooler months

Plantation Pilgrimage

September–November | March–May • activity

If you are in New Orleans, you just can't miss seeing the old plantations!


March — October  • food

Sno-ball, not snow cone, is New Orleans' favourite armour against the long summer heat


March — April • nature

Enjoy the beautiful pinkish flowers blooming during this period


Mardi Gras

not in range • event

The festival that has made New Orleans famous!

Red Dress Run

not in rangeAugust 12, 2017 • event

A flamboyant run in red dresses accompanied by great music and plenty of beer

Oak Street Po-Boy Festival

not in range • event

The favourite sandwich with a unique history is a pride of New Orleans and thus gets its own festival!

Tennessee Williams Literary Festival

not in rangeMarch 22–26, 2017 • event

Even if you are not a fan of literature, nothing in New Orleans is ever boring!

St. Patrick’s Day

not in rangeMarch 15 — March 17 2016 • 

New Orleans changes the perceptions of St. Patrick's Day celebration

Mardi Gra King Cake

not in rangeJanuary 06–February 09 • food

The tasty and extraordinary colourful King cake to sooth your party

World Naked Bike Ride

not in rangeJune 10, 2017 • event

New Orleans has been taking part in the World Naked Bike Ride since 2009

Wild Alligator

not in rangeSeptember • food

Farm raised alligator is available all year, but it is also more expensive than the wild alligator, available only during this period

White Linen Night

not in rangeAugust 05, 2017 • event

The SoHo of the South, the Warehouse district organizes the party of art and style

Dirty Linen Night

not in rangeAugust 12, 2017 • event

The counterpart of White Linen, Dirty Linen Night is more quirky

Lundi Gras

not in range • event

The day before the Mardi Gras begins!

Celebration in the Oaks

not in rangeNovember 27 — January 3 • event

A beautiful scene scattered around the City Park, Botanical Garden, Storyland, and Carousel Gardens

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