Best time to visit Wales


Welsh waters can't compete with the Pacific, but still boast some wildlife and wrecks

Diving in Wales 2019 - Best Time
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For diving enthusiasts, there are several spots in Wales which can offer good dive conditions and underwater curiosities. Usually divers visit Wales from March to October when the water is warmer. The best dive destinations are located in Pembrokeshire and Anglesey.

Diving in Wales - Best Season 2019

The summer months are suitable for diving in Pembrokeshire. This spot offers clear visibility and seals and a lot of fish such as butterfish, wrasse, and mackerel. For beginners, it is the best destination. The waters of West Wales offer the opportunity to see brittle star beds, lobsters, scallops, and octopi. For underwater wreck fans, Anglesey is the ideal place. Here you can find more than 400 shipwrecked treasures, seals that come close to divers, and various species of fish. Annually in August ScubaFest takes place in Anglesey.