Let’s stop the Hitler of the 21st century!

Rove.me is a Ukraine-based project and we appeal to our travel community to help stop Putin’s war against humanity!

The whole world is becoming increasingly aware of the violent Russian invasion of Ukraine. The full-scale war started on February 24, 2022, at 5 am in a similar way as WWII did. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, and other Ukrainian cities are now under constant bombardment from Russian rockets and missiles, while peaceful civilians are hiding in the subways and bomb shelters, as was observed during World War II. It’s hard to believe such terror could reoccur in the heart of Europe almost 100 years later, and this war has to be stopped as soon as humanly possible.

A threat of potential humanitarian catastrophe

The united Russian and Belorussian troops aim not only at Ukraine’s military but also at civilian targets. The occupants demonstrate unbelievable savagery, shooting kids and attacking evacuation corridors, hospitals, donor blood storages, and ambulance cars. The villains didn’t care about global environmental disasters when they seized Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant or blew up oil depots. The war is gradually bringing us to a potential humanitarian catastrophe! And all of this is happening because of Putin’s hunger for power and territorial expansion.

Support the fearless defenders of Ukraine

The strong and brave Armed Forces of Ukraine have been fighting fearlessly to protect their families, homeland, and the rest of Europe. They have been defending our sovereignty and the rights for freedom and independence. Their skills and courage are now admired worldwide. But we still need the help of other countries to stop Putin. In particular, we are asking for military support and requesting NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine as soon as possible for the overall good of the world.

What we can do to stop the war in Ukraine

Each of us can support Ukraine and help to end this horrible war. By clicking on the following links https://quip.com/SxBaALA94uQf & https://supportukrainenow.org/, you will find out more information about all the possible ways to do so. Donate, sign petitions, join protests, and spread awareness via social media channels or word of mouth. Just please don’t be a bystander, because this war will eventually affect everybody.

Will history repeat itself?

Ukraine is not the first nor the last state assaulted by Russian aggression. It’s about time that the world unites its efforts not to let history repeat itself. Otherwise, your home could also be under threat from the Russian military, as Putin is Hitler 2.0. We do remember diplomacy didn’t work for Germany when it annexed Austria in March of 1938. Hitler’s appetite drove him to Czechoslovakia, the Klaipeda region, and Poland. But even afterward, he couldn’t settle with what he conquered. And neither will Putin until the world takes serious actions. Remember: dictators are never satisfied with what they’ve conquered—they always want more!