Best weather to visit Texas

Texas Weather: Spring

Tornado and thunderstorms are in full swing

Best time: March, April, May


In March it gets quite warm on the whole territory of the state. Light snow, light rain, thunderstorms, and moderate rain are possible on the north and west. Plenty of rainy days can be found in the central part. East has very little precipitation. South is the warmest with an average temperature of 25°C. There is a high possibility of light rains on this territory as well.

April is neither too hot, nor too cold, thus it can be the best time to visit Texas. Although overnight temperatures can be as low as 13 °C and spring thunderstorms are still common during this period.

May is the month of tornadoes. There is also a high possibility of thunderstorms and heavy rains. Tornadoes occur with the greatest frequency in the Red River Valley, North Texas, but it can also occur in the east of the state. The central part is the safest place.