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Natural Pools and Springs​ in Texas

Spend hot summer days in a natural water reservoir—some of them are beautiful natural creations, others are thrilling mysterious places, but all of them will bring you fresh and cool delight

Best time: May–September

Natural Pools and Springs​
Natural Pools and Springs​
Natural Pools and Springs​
Natural Pools and Springs​
Natural Pools and Springs​

One activity you may enjoy during summer is swimming in natural springs and pools. ​​Texas has several spectacular places, created by nature, in which you can cool off during the summer heat. One of the must-go places is the Hamilton Pool Preserve located in a natural grotto carved from limestone. The natural pool hidden in the shadow of a cave, with a small beach and 50-foot waterfall is truly amazing. It is a great place for swimming and sunbathing. Before visiting this place, check the availability, as it may be closed due to a high level of bacteria which may happen after rainstorms. You should also come early in the morning as the beach will be full by 10 a.m., especially in the summer.

One more amazing spot to go is Jacob's Well. It is one of the most popular swimming holes. Be careful as it is one of the most dangerous diving spots as well. When looking from the surface, this is a circular, blue pond, which is about 30 feet deep. This fact makes it perfect for cliff jumpers. When going further down, the hole turns into a network of dangerous caves that can be quite dangerous for divers. This place already has numerous deaths on its record. Nevertheless, Jacob's Well remains a mysterious swimming and diving spot, perfect for adventure and thrill seekers.

Krause Springs, situated 30 miles west of Austin, in Spicewood Springs, is a family-owned property. There are 32 springs in the area, and a manmade and natural pool which flows into Lake Travis. You'll definitely like the lagoon-like swimming hole with its waterfall and lots of trees and greenery that makes for great shade. The Greenbelt Reservoir is a popular swimming, fishing, hiking and biking spot. However, mind that the water level is sometimes low due to drought.​

Practical info

What is Hamilton Pool Preserve and how can I check its availability?

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a popular natural swimming hole in Texas with a beach, and a 50-foot waterfall. You can confirm its availability by calling their office or checking the official website of Travis County Parks and Recreation. As it's sensitive to weather changes, caution should be taken during the rainy season, as high bacterial levels are common, which may cause the park to close down temporarily. Show more

What safety measures should I consider when going to Jacob's Well?

Jacob's Well is well-known in Texas as a deadly swimming spot. Diving here is extremely risky without adequate diving experience and the necessary diving gear. Following the park's policies and regulations is vital, along with having a partner with you at all times while diving. Swimming is a safer activity, but caution should always be exercised since many fatalities have been reported in the area. Show more

Where is Krause Springs located?

Krause Springs is a family-owned property situated in Spicewood Springs in Texas, roughly 30 miles west of Austin. This location is great for swimming and has numerous natural springs, including a man-made and natural pool which flows into Lake Travis. Visitors will experience a lagoon-like swimming hole surrounded by a forest of trees, which provides excellent shade. Show more

What other activities are available at Greenbelt Reservoir?

Greenbelt Reservoir, which is ideal for swimming, fishing, hiking, and biking, provides a variety of activities for visitors. There are plenty of trails that are perfect for mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts, fishing opportunities to retrieve various fish such as sunfish, catfish, and bass. In addition, this reservoir is ideal for kayaking enthusiasts or canoeists because of its manageable waters. Show more

When is the best time to visit these natural pools and springs?

The summer months of May through September are the most suitable time to visit these natural pools and springs in Texas. Taking a dip and enjoying the refreshing waters of these natural pools will provide relief from the summer heat. However, the water levels may be too high or bacterial levels too high during the rainy season, causing entry into the water to be unwise. It is wise to check ahead of time for closures or safety warnings before visiting these spots. Show more

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