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Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

Experience a great Fijian spa, covered in the healing powers of mud from head to toe and relaxing in a hot spring!

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Due to the sulphur in the hot springs, the Sabeto's mud baths have healing powers. It is necessary to take several mud treatments to help rheumatic pains disappear. At least, locals believe so. The mud baths are the ideal remedy for self-cleansing or natural beauty. They have age-defying benefits and healing properties. Cover yourself in mud from head to toe, leave it for a little time to bake in the sun until it dries up. Afterwards, take a dip in a hot spring and then in the pool with clean water. That's all: you are young and beautiful!

The pools are open all year round during the daylight hours. Some tourists prefer cooler winter months (May–October). However, summers (November–April) offer equally enjoyable spa if you go later in the day when the air cools down a bit.

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