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Mass Swimming Pool

Thousands of people in China's largest swimming pool—it means the only private room you will surely have is within your rubber ring, but a cooldown and socialising is guaranteed


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A swimming pool located in Daying county of Sichuan province is the largest one in China with the area of around 28,300 square meters. It can accommodate 10,000 people at once and has over a million visitors in summer. The pool has another fame of being Chinese Dead Sea, as its salinity level is over 22 percent, and it contains 43 various minerals and microelements. Still most of all it's praised not for its size, or salts, but as a rescue from summertime heatwave, when temperatures hit 33 °C.

When one summer you find yourself nearby, don't be shy and join the crowd. Just don't forget to grab a rubber ring, they are not just for fun, but more for the sake of some personal space around oneself. Swimming or diving might be out of the question in such an overcrowded room, but still, you can enjoy enormous machine running waves, splash your neighbours, socialise, and what's most important—cool off a bit. High season as you probably guess are the hottest months.

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