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Best time of year to visit Taiwan

The best time to visit Taiwan runs from late winter to early spring. The mild weather of March is perfect for witnessing how Taiwan comes to life with tree blossoms. Humid summer and early autumn are all about beach and diving as well as about different tropical fruits. And you shouldn't miss the period from September through November as it's the ideal time for hiking. Then, winter season still has fantastic hot springs for you to consider. As for surfing, you can try it on a different coast in a given season, so it is a year-round activity.


Cherry Blossom

March–April • nature

Cherry blossom festivities in Taiwan attract about 50,000 tourists every year

Hot Springs

November–March • activity

The relaxing power of thermal hot springs is the main attraction during autumn and winter in Taiwan

Yangmingshan Flower Season

January–March • nature

Sakura, azalea, camellia, wild peony, peach blossoms, and much more cover the Yangmingshan National Park with picturesque beauty


November–March • food

If you are a fan of Guava you are in luck because Taiwan is home to the best guava in the world!


September–March • activity

Paragliding is a breathtaking experience. Solo or tandem flights are possible in Taiwan with special safety measures

Calla Lily Festival

late March–early April • nature

About 45 calla lily farms, occupying more than 13 hectares, are open to visitors for blooming season in March or April

Winter Foods

November–March • food

Winter Taiwanese cuisine that keeps the body warm and healthy

East Coast Surfing

November–April • activity

Taiwan is home to incredible waves. It is one of the latest and the best surfing venues


March–May • food

Indigenous to southeastern Asia the loquat is now popular all over the world and for good reason


Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

March 01–02, 2018 • event

During the Beehive Festival in the Yanshui District, thousands of soaring firecrackers are launched into the crowd making for a truly unique experience!

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

February 19, 2019 • event

An unforgettable Taiwanese tradition in which thousands of bright lanterns light up the Pingxi sky!

Taiwan Balloon Festival

June 30–August 06, 2018 • event

A great chance to experience a flight in a hot air balloon or just watch as hundreds of colourful balloons take to the sky

Wang Yeh Boat Burning Festival

October 2018 (TBA) • event

Become a part of the traditional ceremony of ship burning

Ear-Shooting Festival (Mala-Ta-Ngia) of Bunun Tribe

late April-early May • event

Feel the spirit of the Bunon tribe during an interesting aboriginal ritual

Penghu Fireworks Festival

April 26–June 28, 2018 • event

The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival is one of the most attractive summer events in Taiwan

Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival

May 21–July 15, 2018 • event

Fulong beach, a 3 km stretch of golden sand, has been recognized as the best place in Taiwan for sand sculpting

Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival

September 16, 2018 • event

The Sun Moon Lake swimming competition held annually since 1983 attracts participants from Taiwan and abroad


September–November • activity

Hiking in Taiwan offers everything: from hot, sub-tropical jungle at lower elevations to snow-capped peaks in the winter months. Yet, the best time for hiking is autumn

HO-HAI-YAN Gongliao Rock Festival

July 27–29, 2018 • event

An annual rock festival at Fulong Beach will give you some insight into the local Taiwanese rock scene

Ta Shee Blooming Oasis

May–June • nature

Late spring bursts in the beautiful park with all kinds of colorful flowers

Daylily Blossom

August–September • nature

Daylily blossom season includes thousands of hectares of golden flowers

Dolphin and Whale Watching

April–November • activity

Dolphin and whale watching is a great water activity in Taiwan with the best place for it being on the east coast

Beach Season

June–October • activity

Beaches in Taiwan are varied, from white and golden sand to black

Taichung City Mazu International Festival

April 13–22, 2018 • event

This 300-kilometre pilgrimage festival lasts nine days and is famous for free food and fun activities

Taiwan Open for Surfing

November 23–December 03, 2017 • event

Taiwan's surfers' competition is a spectacular and exciting event for both surfers and non-sufers alike

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

June–August • food

If you're looking to try something new and exotic there's no better choice than a dragonfruit!

Taroko Gorge Marathon

November 03, 2018 • event

An annual event that attracts runners with its magnificent views and gruelling competition

Mid-Autumn Festival

September 24, 2018 | September 13, 2019 • event

Full moon, mooncakes, and public BBQs—the most famous features of the harvest festival in Taiwan


June–August • food

Mango is the most popular and delicious fruit to enjoy from late spring to summer in Taiwan

Passion Fruit

June–December • food

Fragrant and tasty passion fruit is readily available in Taiwan

Yellow Watermelon

June–August • food

If you haven't had it yet it's time to try a yellow watermelon!

Tainan Baihe Lotus Season

June–September • nature

With 400 hectares covered with this beautiful and symbolic plant, this town has been given the name "Lotus Country"


June–July • food

Try some of the many varieties of the litchi fruit available in Taiwan

Taro Dishes and Bamboo Shoot Harvest

July–September • food

Enjoy the season of sweet bamboo and taro dishes


June–August • food

This unusual and exotic fruit is perfect for desserts but beware the smell!

Taipei Marathon

December 09, 2018 • event

Taipei Marathon—this grand running event with more than 100,000 energetic participants is a fun event for both participants and spectators alike

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

July–October • activity

Сolourful fish and abundant coral reefs make underwater activities great in Taiwan!

South Coast Surfing

July–October • activity

Once you've had the best of East Coast, head South


August–October • food

Tropical papaya is typically eaten as an accompaniment with many traditional dishes