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Hot Springs

The relaxing power of thermal hot springs is the main attraction during autumn and winter in Taiwan


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Taiwan is blessed with abundant natural springs. The peak of their popularity is during the waning winter temperatures. Summer is usually too hot to enjoy a steamy bath but spring is perfect! Overall, there are 17 hot springs throughout the country and about 200 hot spring resorts offering various forms of relaxation and delicious cuisines.

Beitou Thermal Valley 2020
Beitou Thermal Valley

There are natural springs of every variety: hot, cold, mud, volcanic rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock etc. These springs can improve your health, circulation, skin and hair, and even help conditions like joint pain or neuropathy; but the most important—it is perfect for relaxing!

 Beitou Thermal Valley 2020
Beitou Thermal Valley
Hot Springs in Taiwan - Best Season 2020

Some of the most top thermal springs are in Beitou, one of the districts of Taipei City.

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