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Hot Springs in Taiwan

The relaxing power of thermal hot springs is the main attraction during autumn and winter in Taiwan

Best time: November–March

Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs

Taiwan is blessed with abundant natural springs. The peak of their popularity is during the waning winter temperatures. Summer is usually too hot to enjoy a steamy bath but spring is perfect! Overall, there are 17 hot springs throughout the country and about 200 hot spring resorts offering various forms of relaxation and delicious cuisines.

There are natural springs of every variety: hot, cold, mud, volcanic rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock etc. These springs can improve your health, circulation, skin and hair, and even help conditions like joint pain or neuropathy; but the most important—it is perfect for relaxing!

Some of the most top thermal springs are in Beitou, one of the districts of Taipei City.

Practical info

What makes Beitou a top destination for hot springs in Taiwan?

Beitou is a district in Taipei that is famous for its hot springs that offer healing waters rich in minerals. Numerous pools ranging from contemporary spas to traditional indoor and outdoor pools are available in the district. Moreover, it is easily accessible from the city center, making it a convenient option compared to other far-away hot springs Show more

When is the ideal season to schedule a hot spring visit to Taiwan?

November to March is the perfect time to schedule a hot spring visit to Taiwan. The temperatures decrease during this season and create a comfortable environment for visitors to soak in hot springs. Even though some hot springs are open year-round, many are closed during the off-season. Booking beforehand is recommended, particularly during peak season when hot springs may become overcrowded. Show more

What are some unique health benefits offered by hot springs in Taiwan?

Besides providing mineral-rich waters, hot springs in Taiwan offer a wide range of health benefits. It is considered ideal for conditions such as joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis, and skin ailments. Additionally, the hot springs stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the body, reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. Some hot springs include unusual elements such as natural carbonation, rare minerals or mud that provide therapeutic properties. Show more

What are some hot springs in Taiwan that are not as well-known but are still worth visiting?

Apart from Beitou, Taiwan boasts several other hot springs destinations that are worth visiting. For example, Guanziling in Tainan features mud springs that enhance skin complexion. The affordable hot springs with panoramic mountain views of Jiaoxi in Yilan make it a popular destination. Wulai in New Taipei, famous for itsprivate baths with river views, has several hot springs resorts. Qimei in Taitung and Sichongxi in the Pingtung County are also worth considering. Show more

What hot spring resorts in Taiwan provide both a calming atmosphere and tasty food?

Some hot springs resorts in Taiwan offer relaxation facilities and delicious cuisine, such as the Silks Place Taroko in Hualien. The resort has natural hot springs, breathtaking mountain views, and a range of dining cuisines. Lalu Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan offers visitors natural hot spring facilities, top-tier hotels, and an organic farm-to-table restaurant. The Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi in Yilan has outdoor and indoor hot springs, and serves scrumptious dishes made from locally sourced produce, making it another excellent option. Show more

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