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Mineral Springs in Siwa Oasis

Discover the fabulous desert oasis with its lush palm trees and sparkling muscle-relaxing hot springs


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Siwa Oasis lies in the heart of Egypt’s Western Desert, away from urbanisation. It's one place for Egypt's preserved distinctive culture and offers its visitors a rich experience. Tribes of the oasis have managed to retain their Siwi language, in addition to their amazing culture. However, besides the cultural richness, Siwa also stands out for the magnificence of its nature and topography.

Siwa contains six lakes, 200 water springs, 1200 water wells, and 20 thousand acres of cultivated land. Cleopatra's bath, Arayes, Moulol, and Hamawat are considered to be one of Siwa’s most popular landmarks and great hot springs. The water in these wells is divided into two types: normal hot water and sulphurous hot water which is used to cure many skin diseases (for example, Psoriasis). It is also used in curing some respiratory system problems, rheumatism, polio, and digestive system illnesses.

Commonly, it is advised to visit the oasis between October and April.

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