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Sand Riding or Desert Safari in Jordan 2024

Among the many ways to enjoy the deserts of Jordan, sand buggy, jeep, and quad bike trips might just be the most thrilling​

Best time: March–May | September–November

Sand Riding or Desert Safari
Sand Riding or Desert Safari
Sand Riding or Desert Safari
Sand Riding or Desert Safari
Sand Riding or Desert Safari

Though camels, donkeys, and even horses look more authentic in the deserts of Jordan, those craving more adrenaline might opt for a sand buggy or a quad bike instead. Sand buggy safaris are available in the Wadi Rum Desert, and can be arranged for one, two, or four hours. One can opt for half-day tours that include a visit to a Bedouin village where hospitable people are always glad to invite you to a cup of tea. The high season to travel ​across Jordan's iconic wadis and pink sands are​ spring and fall.

Practical info

When is the best time to go to Jordan to ride on sand and explore the desert?

March through May or September to November are the best months to go to Jordan for sand riding and desert exploration. The temperature during these months is comfortable for traveling through the desert, with cooler daytime temperatures and nighttime temperatures dropping to around 10°C. Pack extra warm clothing for night-time excursions for a comfortable experience. Show more

What is the best place in Jordan to experience sand buggy safaris?

Wadi Rum Desert is the perfect place in Jordan to experience sand buggy safaris. It showcases the natural beauty of the area, with sand dunes that add a thrilling touch to your adventure. These tours can last anywhere between one hour and half-day. Visitors can even visit a Bedouin village during the tour for an authentic experience that includes handcrafted items and picturesque views of the desert. Show more

Are there any minimum age requirements for sand buggy and quad bike trips in Jordan?

Most Jordanian tours require a minimum age of 16 for sand buggy and quad bike trips. However, some tours might allow younger children, as long as they meet the height and weight requirements. A valid driving license or learner's permit is also necessary to participate. To ride safely, follow the tour company's safety instructions while operating the vehicle for the best possible experience. Show more

Is engaging in sand riding activities safe in Jordan?

Sand riding activities in Jordan are generally safe since tour operators ensure that their vehicles are well maintained and outfitted with safety features. Nevertheless, it is important to follow safety instructions–wearing helmets and seatbelts, for example–to stay safe. Tourists should consider obtaining medical and evacuation insurance since some remote desert areas may be difficult to reach in an emergency. Show more

What is the cost of sand buggy or quad bike tours in Jordan?

The cost of sand buggy or quad bike tours in Jordan varies based on multiple factors. The duration of the trip, group size, and tour company chosen can all affect the price. On average, a one-hour tour in Jordan can cost 30-50 JOD, while a half-day tour is around 120-180 JOD per person. Extra charges may apply based on the type of vehicle selected and inclusion of services such as meals or transportation. Show more

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