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Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley 2024-2025

The hottest place on Earth features lots of unique spots and this is one of the most bizarre places to visit

Best time: October–April

Devil’s Golf Course
Devil’s Golf Course
Devil’s Golf Course
Devil’s Golf Course
Devil’s Golf Course

Thousands of years ago this territory was known as Lake Manly. Due to climate changes throughout the years the lake dried up leaving dissolved minerals on a surface. These minerals have transformed into fantastic sculptures over thousands of years. Nowadays it is a large salt pan located on the floor of the Death Valley. The Devil's Golf Course got its name from a note in a guidebook of the National Park service, which said that only the devil could play golf here due to the incredibly serrated surface.

There are no exact boundaries of the course, but it starts near the Ashford Mill site and stretches for over 64 km to the Salt Creek Hills. Rain and wind continually create amazing shapes from salt minerals that draw enthusiasts to this unique spot. As this desert is known to be the spot for the hottest temperature ever measured, featuring the record of +56 °C in 1913, summer isn't the best time to come.

The most pleasant period to visit the Devil's Golf Course runs from October to April when it's not too hot to walk around. Winter months could be a bit muddy though. Spring months could be the most exciting as the temperatures start rising and you have more chances to hear the 'music' of salt cracking in the morning. In general, it's better to head there in the early morning to experience the view without too many tourists.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley?

The optimal period to tour Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley is from October to April due to milder temperatures. However, rainfall can cause muddy terrain, which visitors should be mindful of. In the spring months (March-June), temperatures start to increase, and the sound of salt cracking in the mornings can add to the experience of touring this site. Show more

What is the history behind the formation of Devil's Golf Course?

Devil's Golf Course is a result of dissolved minerals left on the ground from the ancient freshwater lake, Lake Manly, which dried up. Natural elements including rain, wind, and others sculpted these minerals over thousands of years into complex shapes. These jagged formations that characterize the attraction's surface are unique due to its geological history. Show more

Why is Devil's Golf Course called 'the hottest place on Earth'?

Devil's Golf Course is famous for its reputation as one of the hottest places on Earth due to its location in Death Valley, known for extreme temperatures. In 1913, it recorded a record high temperature of as much as 134°F (56.7°C), which was the highest globally until recently. The hot temperatures, combined with an arid climate and exceptional geology, add an interesting dimension to the attraction. Show more

Where is Devil's Golf Course located within Death Valley?

The Devil's Golf Course is located amidst Death Valley, near the Ashford Mill site. Although its boundaries are undefined, the golf course stretches for over 64 km to the Salt Creek Hills. Visitors may access the entrance via Badwater Road, situated between Furnace Creek and Badwater Basin. However, a National Park Service pass is necessary to enter Death Valley National Park, particularly during peak seasons (November-March) when it gets busy. Show more

What is the best time of day to visit Devil's Golf Course to avoid crowds?

The Devil's Golf Course can become crowded during peak season (November-March) due to its location in Death Valley National Park. Therefore, it is best to tour during the early morning when it is less busy, and the lighting is more conducive. Additionally, the cool temperatures at this time make it more comfortable to visit. Visitors should take extra care while navigating the serrated and jagged terrain of the area. Show more

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