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Milford Sound in New Zealand 2024-2025

White foaming waterfalls cascading down the mountains' peaks are particularly spectacular after heavy rains

Best time: December–January

Milford Sound
Milford Sound
Milford Sound
Milford Sound

Stunning waterfalls of the Milford Sound, known as the eighth wonder of the world, are observable throughout the year, however rainy summer season between December and January results in a few additional temporary waterfalls which look amazing: all the mountains are covered in white foamy ribbons.

It looks like the mountains are showering when the waterfalls cascade down the rocks amidst the rainforests with fogs and mists hovering all around just like steem in sauna. The spectacles are breathtaking. In addition to the waterfalls, the area is renowned for rich wildlife, namely dolphins and ancient clams.

Practical info

When is the ideal period for Milford Sound visits?

Milford Sound is best enjoyed between December and January. These months see rainy weather, resulting in additional waterfalls gushing from the mountainsides in beautiful white ribbons. You are, however, free to observe the enchanting waterfalls all year long. It's during the rainy season that the misty fog and mountainous waterfalls amidst the rainforests deliver an unforgettably breathtaking adventure. Show more

What is the location of Milford Sound?

Milford Sound can be found in Fiordland National Park's southwestern part, New Zealand. It is surrounded by towering mountains and dense rainforests, rendering a surreal vista of cascading waterfalls originating from the peaks. The sound stretches 55km and pours into the Tasman Sea. To get to the park, visitors can journey by road or take scenic flights from Te Anau and Queenstown. Show more

What sets Milford Sound waterfalls apart?

The steep mountains covered by lush rainforests that feed Milford Sound's waterfalls make them stand out. During rainy seasons, this geographic feature presents additional waterfalls that temporarily materialize and resemble white ribbons. The ethereal scenery gets amplified by fog and mist surrounding the area. It's for these particular qualities that Milford Sound earns its extraordinary mark. Show more

When does the rainy season come to Milford Sound?

The rainy season in Milford Sound is typically between December and January. Although the sound receives rainfall throughout the year, heavy precipitation within these two months constitutes the rainy season. The added rainwater from this interval births several extra waterfalls that cascade down the mountainsides in white, frothy ribbons, creating an awe-inspiring sight. Show more

What other animals beyond dolphins can be spotted at Milford Sound?

Other than dolphins, Milford Sound boasts various wildlife such as seals, penguins, and ancient clams. Seals are visible basking on rocks or frolicking in the water. Although less visible, penguins are also present in the area. Finally, visitors can see ancient clams on the sound floor; these clams' shells can take up to two centuries to form. Visitors can anticipate an unforgettable experience in this wildlife-rich slice of New Zealand. Show more

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