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Devil's Pool in Zambia 2024-2025

A swim at Victoria Falls that requires true courage and bravery

Best time: mid-August–mid-January

Devil's Pool
Devil's Pool
Devil's Pool
Devil's Pool

On the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, there's an activity that should definitely be on your bucket list if you consider yourself a daring and courageous person. When the dry season comes in the middle of August, the Zambezi river becomes quieter and less powerful so the lip of the falls becomes walkable. The season lasts until mid-January, but the best months are October and November. That's the time when you can try swimming on the top of more than a hundred-meter waterfall.

Dipping in a natural infinite pool and feeling the power of the river while being swept all over to the edge is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The pool that has formed on the edge of the fall is called the Devil's Pool. At this time of year, it's protected by a rock wall that won't let the fearless swimmers be swept away and fall down.

The Devil's pool is located next to the Livingstone Island right on the edge of the falls so swimming in it is available during a visit to the island. If you decide to try it, you'll be accompanied by a guide that will make sure you're safe.

Practical info

When is the ideal time frame to visit Devil's Pool?

To visit Devil's Pool, mid-August to mid-January is the best time frame as the Zambezi river's water recedes, allowing the rim of the falls to be walkable. Among these months, October and November are ideal for swimming because of the lowest water levels and a slight current. You can experience the power of the river and take a dip in the natural infinity pool, all while getting swept away to the edge during these months. Show more

What is the location of Devil's Pool?

You can find Devil's Pool on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, near Livingstone Island. A guided tour typically leads you to the falls' location from the Livingstone Island. The location is situated at Upper Zambezi, where the river, when flowing over the Victoria Falls, establishes a seemingly vanishing, natural pool. Show more

What is the depth of the Devil's Pool?

Devil's Pool is located naturally right at the edge of the 100 meters high Victoria Falls, causing its depth to change depending on the precise spot. With some sections reaching about or over 2 meters, the Devil's Pool's depth varies. The pool is unsuitable for swimming when the water flow increases around April and May. Nonetheless, it is safe to take a swim from mid-August to mid-January when the current slackens. Show more

Is there an age restriction to swim in Devil's Pool?

For safety reasons, children below 12 years old are not allowed to partake in swimming at Devil's Pool. People who are not confident swimmers or suffer from Acrophobia are not recommended to do the activity. Nevertheless, visitors over the age of 12 can indulge in such with the guidance of experienced tour guides. Safety measures have been strictly implemented and followed to enable swimmers to have fun while staying safe. Show more

What safety measures should I be aware of while at Devil's Pool?

Swimming at Devil's Pool warrants taking necessary safety precautions because the activity happens at the Victoria Falls' actual edge. Trained tour guides must accompany visitors, providing safety gear like wetsuits and life jackets to prevent accidents. Sturdy water shoes with excellent grip are necessary for climbing down the rocks to access Devil's Pool. Furthermore, following the guide's swimming instructions will help ensure a safe experience. Show more

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