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Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces in China

It took hundreds of years to construct a mountain of rice terraces which today reaches ap to 900 m above sea level

Best time: mid-April–mid-November

Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces
Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces
Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces
Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces
Longsheng (Longji) Rice Terraces

Longsheng or Longji terraced rice fields are something special to observe while in China. The most spectacular views can be captured during spring and early summer, that is mid-April to mid-June, when all the terraces are deliberately flooded, starting from the top rows set 900 m above sea level to the lowest ones at the foot of the terraced mountains. A famous scenic spot is located near the village of Dazhai, just outside Longsheng.

Get up with the sun at about 6 am, and you will be carried away by the panoramas spreading in front of you. The water in descending paddies will reflect sky with the morning sun—and this is a heavenly beautiful picture. Besides, that cool fresh morning air contributes to the general impression.

Get acquainted with any of the local minority families who take care of the fields. Their ancestors spent hundreds of years to construct these amazing rice growing grounds. The people are very friendly and hospitable; they are likely to allow you to stay in for a night and treat you to some delicious genuine foods, naturally with rice as a component.

If you come in spring, you can also observe the elaborate process of rice planting, which often can't do without pure human power, as some of the terraces are too narrow for a horse or a buffalo to get through.

In summer you'll find the terraces green, and in autumn the paddies will be golden with ripe rice grains. You are welcome to explore the area anytime between mid-April to mid-November. Winter months are usually too cold and might get snowy,

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Longsheng Rice Terraces in China?

Longsheng Rice Terraces are best viewed from mid-April to mid-November when the rice paddies transition from green in summer to golden with ripe rice grains in autumn. Winter gets too cold with possible snow. This time is best for rice cultivation, when the paddies are most striking. Show more

Where is the most famous scenic spot located in Longsheng?

The famous spot of Longsheng Rice Terraces is located outside Longsheng, near Dazhai village. Visitors appreciate the panoramic view of water flowing into the terraced rice fields, which occupy descending paddies up to 900m above sea level. The view is breathtaking, especially with the morning sun. Show more

How long did it take to construct the mountain of rice terraces in Longsheng?

The mountain of rice terraces in Longshen took the forefathers of local minority families centuries to construct. They passed the grounds over generations, and farming is still an inherent part of their life. Tourists can seek hospitality from the friendly locals, who sometimes offer lodgings for visitors. They serve rice-based delicacies which are genuine and heartily made. Show more

What is the process of rice planting in Longsheng during the spring season?

The spring season is when rice-planting takes place in Longshen. It's an extensive process with farmers' participation as some terraces are too narrow to allow animals. The farmers ensure that the paddies are flooded, and the water is levelled out. They will then transplant the seedlings in lines; some farmers still sow by hand. Watching the process in the early morning is an exciting experience for visitors. Show more

Can visitors stay with the local minority families in Longsheng and try some delicious genuine foods?

Tourists are welcome to stay with local minority families who manage Longsheng Rice Terraces. The hospitable and friendly locals allow visitors to take part in their daily life by enjoying their traditional rice staple cuisine, together with beef, pork, or fish. Spending the night with these families is an experience that provides insight into ancient Chinese culture and hospitality. Show more

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