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Naadam Festival

July 11–July 13 • event

Men show off their best skills at three manly games: archery, wrestling, and horse racing

Ger Camping

May–September • activity

Instead of the usual hotel, Mongolia offers something unique and authentic—traditional nomadic ger camping

Bökh Wrestling

early July • event

The traditional sport favored by Genghis Khan himself, is a must for every Mongolian

Visiting Tsaatan Tribe

mid-June–mid-August • activity

Meet the reindeer nomads during their short-lasting stay out of the taiga's deep forests

Mongol Rally

mid-July to early September • event

One of the greatest motor adventures of the world takes its route from the UK to Russian Ulan Ude, making a spectacular way through Mongolia

Horseback Riding

mid-June–mid-August • activity

Horses are inseparable from the nomadic lifestyle, and a must-do experience for whoever wants to feel the local mode of life

Throat Singing

All year (summer courses in August) • event

Hypnotizing sounds seem to be coming from the afterlife—Mongolian singing must be the weirdest traditional music in the world

Wildlife Watching

July–September • nature

The Mongolian wilderness resembles a zoo, with only one difference: animals and birds are freely living in their natural habitat


May–September • food

Raw mare's milk is inedible at least for lactose-intolerant Mongols, but when fermented—it is quite the opposite


July • activity

In Mongolia, one may observe the world's best archers and receive firsthand knowledge of the skill's secrets


May–September • activity

The variety of landscapes and lots of wildlife makes biking in Mongolia a true adventure

Trekking in the Altai

June–September • activity

The pure alpine beauty in the wildest surounding of Western Mongolia


May–September • activity

Enjoy the wild beauty of Mongolia on a peaceful boat trip


May–mid-September • nature

Mongolia's natural habitats are especially full of bird life during migration season

Yak Polo

June–August | July 23 (Festival) • activity

It is a funny sight to observe Mongolians and their uncontrollable yaks cooperatively playing yak polo

Yolyn Am Canyon

February–November • nature

Home to eagles, vultures, and wild sheep, the area is decorated by bright wildflowers in summer and covered in ice in winter

Sunset at the Flaming Cliffs

April–October • activity

Judging from the discovery of dinosaur eggs, one could assume this beautiful site used to be the home to many such creatures

Mongolian Horse

mid-May–July • nature

Mongolian horses can be found with colouring ranging from white to gray, brownish-gray, chestnut, and black

Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa)

May–September • nature

If you want to explore the limestone caves and mountains of the ancient seabed, head to Dundgovi Province

Wildflowers of Steppes

May–August • nature

The abundance of Mongolian wildflowers are a sight to behold, feed millions of grazing livestock, and are even believed to have curative properties!

Yak Milk Specialities

May–September • food

Health-boosting "aarul," "urum" cream, Mongolian butter, soft kefir yogurt, and cheese—all from yak's milk

Arkhi or Mongolian Milk Wine

May–September • food

When the taste of a wine resembles slightly bitter cheese it is strange indeed, but the hard-to-find authentic alcohol is worth a try


July–October • activity

Fishermen in Mongolia have the chance to catch the large and tasty Siberian salmon—Taimen

Kayaking and Canoeing

late May–September • activity

Thousands of local rivers are waiting for you to explore the untouched wilderness on a kayak or canoe

Orkhon Waterfalls

June–September • nature

This white foaming beauty is the result of ancient volcanic eruptions

Hot Springs

May–September • activity

The hot minera​l-rich water of the Mogoit hot springs is said to cure allergies, sore joints, and strengthen one's nervous system


July–September • activity

Besides the thrill provided by the sport itself, you can discover nature, wildlife, and hidden tribal settlements


Hiking and Mountaineering

May–June | September • activity

Hiking trips reveal great nature and unusual architecture—imperial ruins, former monasteries, and abandoned cities

Singing Sands in the Gobi Desert

June | September • nature

Nature itself composes music played by blowing winds and rolling sand

Welcome Baby Animals with Nomads

February–April • nature

Mass birthing occurs in Mongolia in spring, and nomadic husbandry is busy welcoming the new-born young


June 20–June 22 • activity

Professional shamans will connect you with spirits, but listen carefully as maybe your ancestors are trying to tell you something

Mongol Derby

August 05–17, 2018 • event

With the toughest terrain to pass, the Mongol Derby is considered to be the most challenging and longest horse race in the world

Dog Sledding

November–April • activity

The Mongolian winter fairy tale is best showcased on a relaxin​g sled ride powered by strong Siberian dogs

Hunting with Eagles

October 01–02, 2016 | November–March • activity

Female eagles do not try to act lady-like and break all stereotypes with their aggressive hunts

Winter Clothing

November–March • activity

Wonder how one can dress warm and look stylish at the same time when it is -30 to -40 °C outside?—Mongolians know perfectly well how!

Tsagaan Sar

February 05–07, 2019 • event

The Lunar New Year feast provides a great occasion to truly indulge in meat dumplings, just hope the thaw does not spoil all the food stored outside

Autumn Colours

late August–September • nature

Siberia is particularly charming when birches, poplars, and larches show off with golden yellow hues

Nauryz (Spring/New Life) Festival

March 21–March 22 • event

Mongolian Kazakhs are never kinder and more generous than during their new year celebration

Hay Harvest

late August–mid-September • activity

The actual gathering of hay is the most pleasant part of the otherwise laborious but vital hay making process

Thousand Camel Festival

early March 2017 (TBA) • event

A thousand fluffy humpbacks atop a frozen lake!


September–October • activity

The Mongolian wilderness sustains nomads with delicious game, namely wild goats, sheep, and above all—marmots

Genghis Day

November 12 • event

A ceremony composed of grand soldiers with symbolic banners and brave Mongolian horses that highlight a celebration the birth of great Mongolian​ leader

Ice Skating

December–early March • activity

Have fun in any of the capital city's numerous ice rinks, or better on the frozen river

Winter Dzud

November–March • activity

Can you imagine the wild Siberian beauty of winter transforming into an animal cemetery?—Sad, but true, indeed

Skiing and Snowboarding

mid-November–March • activity

Who said winter was an unfavourable season? This is a great time for a ski adventure amidst the frozen wilderness

Meat Dishes

October–March • food

Throughout winter Nomads warm up with barbeque, meat dumplings, meat-based soups, and dried meats