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In Mongolia, one may observe the world's best archers and receive firsthand knowledge of the skill's secrets


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The entire world knows Mongols as the finest archers ever. The art of archery is so ancient in the Siberian lands that it is even difficult to say which came first: Nomadic tribes or archery. In the course of Mongolian history bows and arrows were used as war weapons, for hunting, and finally for sport.

Nowadays, a bow-and-arrow activity is considered one of three Mongolian national sports along with wrestling and horse racing. All three are referred to as Mongolia's "three manly games" and are celebrated during Naadam festivals held throughout Mongolian towns and villages annually in July.

Besides watching archery contests, the sport is actually offered for a try at practically every traditional ger camp, though living up to local standards might be slightly difficult for an average tourist. Mind that local men normally shoot at a distance of 75 m, women shoot at 60 m, and children u​nder 14 are supposed to shoot at 45 m. Of course, novices are allowed to break the rules.

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