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Best time to visit Mongolia

Ger Camping

Instead of the usual hotel, Mongolia offers something unique and authentic—traditional nomadic ger camping


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The severe and shifting Mongolian climate forced the nomadic people to create portable dwellings. Round-shaped, with a glass-ceiling, easily assembled and disassembled, and hence perfectly adjusted to frequent moves. Actually, the natives still follow the ger camp way of life. The only difference is that modern ger camps are better-equipped compared to the past, and tourists can benefit from bathrooms and laundry in special washing blocks. Additionally, tourist ger camps contain restaurants serving traditional Mongolian food.

Some of the most popular ger camps are located at Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Khustai Mountains National Park, and the area of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake and Khorgo Volcano. Toilogot Ger Camp at Lake Khuvsgul is another scenic spot. Camps have shopping areas, and various activities — namely horse or camel riding, wildlife watching, and other entertainment. The best season for this is between May or June to September.

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