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TreeHouse Point

Wake up your inner child and have fun on the trees in a lush green forest


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Always wanted a treehouse, but never had one? Discover fun treehouses just 20 mi (32 km) away from Seattle. With six treehouses located in a beautiful forest along the Raging River, TreeHouse Point offers plenty of possibilities to have fun, walk around, and enjoy nature.

The iconic Pacific Northwest forest environment, large moss-covered spruce, and huge cedar trees create a magical scenery. Since Treehouse Point is located in a temperate rainforest climate zone, fall, winter, and spring can be cool, misty and wet. Rain is frequent from September to June, but snow is uncommon at this elevation. Friendly hosts say it's very cozy in the wooden rooms on a rainy day. July and August are rather hot, and the rooms don't have air conditioning so it might not be very comfortable. The place is open year round, and nearby Snoqualmie Valley trails remain open all year.

If you want to visit this place without staying overnight, book a tour in advance because hosts do their best to protect the privacy of their guests.

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