Best places to travel in 2019 by month

Can’t decide where to go on vacation in 2019? Whether you want to try signature foods in April, immerse yourself in the wildest carnivals in February or catch a glimpse of a rare phenomenon in December, we’ve got a world of options. Choose the month of your trip and learn about unique experiences and solid opportunities to see touristic places without crowds.


Witness some really unusual New Year celebrations – Carnival of Black and Whites in Colombia, Kaapse Klopse in Cape Town or Torotot in the Philippines. Another option is to simply enjoy the winter wonderland of Finland. If you prefer a warmer place, Zanzibar, Dubai and Goa will please you with perfect dry weather and exotic fruits. While Patagonia offers great wildlife and hiking.


It’s all about samba, masks and glitter! Visit Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Gran Canaria and New Orleans for the wildest festivities of the year. Check out some scary masks at Basler Fasnacht in Switzerland or extravagant masks in Venice. Or escape the crowds, trekking the desert in Morocco hiking in Bolivia or watching wombats in Tasmania. In Costa Rica, observe leatherback turtles or run with the bulls to boost your adrenaline.


Get the full picture of sakura blossom craze in Japan and Taiwan, or observe exotic flower carpets in Honduras. Whether you join a Purim street party or hike in the blooming desert, March is a great time to be in Israel. Go to Sri Lanka for leopards watching safari. Egypt and Galapagos islands promise amazing sea fauna. Cancun invites for the wildest week-long party, while Ireland goes totally green.


Weather is great and flowers are blooming all over Europe, but if you want to see the real bloom, you have to visit Dutch Keukenhof with its millions of tulips. Also enjoy fresh artichokes, pecorino cheese and watch legendary Explosion of the Cart in Florence. Celebrate Thai New Year on Phuket or go trekking in Nepal. But only in Malaysia you can feed baby sharks and try the soup from an entire bird nest.


Blooming Wadi Rum desert attracts visitors to Jordan. Lotus bloom can be observed in Cambodia, where you can also witness Royal Ploughing Ceremony and try crickets. Or how about snails in Seville? As Mediterranean sea warms up, there is a great chance to visit Ibiza, Majorca, Malta and Turkey without crowds of tourists and enjoy a little bit of hiking while the weather is not too hot. Also, it's about time to hike Gran Canaria and observe those endemic canaries.


Celebrate the midsummer sun at Machu Picchu or in Sweden. Waterfalls are roaring with volume in Iceland and Yosemite, where you can also observe famous moonbows. Explore Estonian bogs or tropical rainforests of Borneo, watching orangutans. This is also the best time to cycle down the famous Death Road in Bolivia and float the Amazon. If that sounds too extreme, drink Czech beer and sing with Roma on the streets of Prague.


Are you brave enough to take part in Blood Festival in Peru? And what about Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc? Mid-summer is also a perfect occasion to visit some colder countries for their breathtaking sceneries, ice caves and fjords. Take a glacier cruise in Alaska, go salmon fishing in Norway or on a whale safari in Greenland.


This month it gets crowded pretty much everywhere. However being in a crowd can also be fun, if you are in a nightclub of Ibiza or at Sziget Festival, Hungary. But if you are not into this you can still find a quiet place while hiking Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria or the Peruvian Andes on your way to Machu Picchu. Only now you can see Peruvian Macaw licking minerals.


It's about time to head to Mediterranian again to try octopus at Santorini, sardines at Corsica and get the last glimpse of those stunning summer sunsets in Croatia. There's a so-called fifth season called Rtvelli In Georgia and Wildebeest migration in Tanzania. Also, it's your chance to tour autumnal castles of Scotland and go Munro Bagging in the highlands before it gets too muddy.


Foodies flock to Tuscany for new wine and truffle season, while wild nature lovers go to Kenya and Tanzania to observe wildebeest migration. It's time to witness a unique coral polyp spawn at Great Barrier Reef. While people dress up like skeletons in Mexico City, New York is all about Halloween and Barcelona holds its Tarragona Human towers competition.


While it gets gloomy in Europe, beach season starts in Rio de Janeiro and it's the right time to hit famous Blocos street parties. South Korea is never more beautiful than during the fall. And the gardens of Agra are never better than after monsoon. Guatemala offers authentic Mayan Pole Flyer Dancing and colorful Burning the Devil ceremony. If that's not impressive, dare try zazamushi, stonefly larvae from the Tenryu river in Japan.


Dancing at a ball is every little girl's dream, and Vienna's ball season is still a big deal. The best places to fight winter colds are famous outdoor thermal baths of Budapest and Turkish hamams. However, Dubai and Mauritius might be able to warm you up better. Finally, don't miss Aurora Australis and glowing worms at Waitomo Caves of New Zealand.
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