The best places to travel by month

Have you made travel plans for the year ahead? There is the whole world to choose from, and makes it easier. We have selected the best experiences for you based on uniqueness and originality. Seasonal activities, beautiful natural phenomena, and amazing festivities that only happen during limited time combined with the best weather and value are our secret ingredients of a perfect trip. So be prepared to include these destinations on your travel list because each and every one of them will blow your mind!


Start off your year right, chasing warmth and moving south. New Zealand is where you need to be in January! Enjoy its foaming waterfalls and watch the endless night sky full of stars or visit the caves to see lights that may in fact seem like stars but are actually bioluminescent worms. In Kenya, you can see baby animals born in wildlife preserves as well as flamingoes on the Rift Valley Lakes. If you’d like some winter experience instead, stay in a glass igloo in Finland, visit a Light Festival in Amsterdam, take a picture of frozen Plitvice Falls in Croatia or go to a small village in Bukovina region of Ukraine to take part in pagan festivities with dancing bears and “gypsies."


Spring is in the air! Witness the amazing transition of changing seasons on the train from Davos to St.Moritz. Or celebrate the season surrounded by blooming sakura trees in Washington D.C., roaming through wild poppies in Antelope Valley of California, or picking tulips of Skagit Valley near Seattle. Rhododendrons bloom in the Nepal Himalaya region. And more colors await in Honduras where flower carpets are made for Easter. Meanwhile, it’s New Year’s Eve in Laos and Myanmar - time to learn about their unique traditions: baci and thanaka. April is also an excellent time to visit Thailand before monsoon and shop at Bangkok’s floating markets. Or take advantage of the rains in the Sahara desert and see the vanishing Chott el Jerid Lake.


Europe has never been more beautiful: blooming wisteria in Naples, blossoming Provence and flowering patios in Cordoba! Besides, the party season is back in Ibiza! Late spring is also the best time to see the waterfalls: roaring Niagara in North America or the beautiful Tumpak Sewu of Java, Indonesia. If you think you’ve seen everything on this earth, go underground to experience the divine light of Java’s The Jomblang Cave, or see another wonder of light in Manhattan, NYC. To continue digging underground, move to Romania and have some fun in Salina Turda, an amusement park set up in an abandoned salt mine.


The temperatures are soaring in the south, so it’s finally time to move north. Catch those beautiful blue hours in Sweden, get zero sleep during midnight sun in Norway, Iceland, and Greenland. Celebrate summer solstice “Viking style” with huge bonfires at Norway’s Sankt Hans celebration, Jaanipaev in Estonia or visit a very similar fiery Nit de Foc in Mallorca. Another great night-time activity for June - looking for fireflies at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But don’t get lost! Or if you want to get lost, try taking Badrinath Road in Uttarakhand, India, one of the most dangerous and scenic highways on earth which is only open for a few months.


Let yourself loose and enjoy those warm summer nights enjoying your favorite bands. Reading & Leeds Festivals are among several good options that you have in August. Also, you can never go wrong with mountains! Alpine Roads in Austria and lush Longsheng mountain rice fields are perfect for serene meditation. Machu Picchu offers its beautiful Inca Trail, while British Columbia gathers all mountain biking fans for an annual Crankworx Whistler. Explore the Highlands and discover the amazing Fingal’s Cave on one of Scotland’s most remote islands. And don’t forget to follow the iconic Burry Man in Queensferry and see whales in the Atlantic. The gentle giants are also impressive on the other side of the ocean, by the shores of Massachusets.


The mellow season on the Mediterranian has officially started so pick your favorite island! Join a grape-throwing bash on Mallorca, hear polyphonic singing in Corsica or discover the massive fireworks of San Michele in Sicily. Unique star-shaped sand can be seen at this time in Okinawa, Japan. But if you prefer something more cool and quiet, then it’s still a great time to go to Iceland to catch a glimpse of The Northern Lights. Every September, Wisconsin gathers a massive harvest of cranberries on its marshes. You can see how the berries color the river red. And it’s your last chance to fly in a hot-air balloon over Colorado Springs.


There is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than watching a candle-lit kayak Saint Lucia procession in Copenhagen. Or swinging through a luxurious ballroom in Vienna. You can always beat winter gloom with spectacular light displays of Oglebay and Greenbrier in West Virginia. Meanwhile, December is also time for Hanukkah lights in Jerusalem. If you want to forget about winter, go to Vietnam for beaches and trekking in Sa Pa, or see the amazing sulfur pools in Ethiopia. Find the best weather and vibrant nature in Tasmania and Sydney. And finally, start working on those New Year resolutions early and take part in a massive run in Madrid on December 31st.
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