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Zucchini Blossom

May–June • food

Fried zucchini blossoms, stuffed with cheese, is a masterpiece of the Italian cuisine.

Sienese Pecorino

November–June • food

Sienese Pecorino produced in Siena is an integral part of the cheesy Italian kingdom


September–October | April–May • activity

A pair of soulmates with a pair of oars crossing Florence in a boat – a delightful romance

Oranges Blossoms Harvest

late April –early May • activity

Fragrant oils obtained from orange blossoms are widely used in perfumery

Rose Gardens

May–mid-June • nature

The iconic symbol of passion and love blooms all around Italy


March–May • activity

Colonies of herons and other birds are nesting in the spring in this bird-watching paradise


Easter Explosion of the Cart

April 21, 2019 • event

Easter in Florence is memorable for splendid fireworks display

Calcio Storico

June 24 (annual) | June 2018 (TBA) • event

54 footballers dressed in ancient costumes give themselves up to the game to glorify their historic distri​cts

Carro Matto — New Wine Feast

September 29, 2018 • event

Florentines salute “crazy cart” carrying the first 2000 bottles of new wine with much ceremonial

Castagnaccio Cake

early August–late October • food

Indulge yourself with a piece of autumnal cake made of chestnut flour

Season of White Truffles

early September–December • food

Florence is blessed with white truffle valleys

Porcini Season

September–October • food

You will never forget the exquisite flavor of porcini

Sunflower Fields

late June–early August • nature

These large yellow flowers will please your eye throughout the summer

Skiing & Snowboarding

December–mid-April • activity

A lovely small ski resort close to Florence—Abetone

Nespole Fruit Season

April • food

Orange juicy loquat fruit was once believed to have magic powers

Wild Boar Hunting Season

September–late January • food

Lean wild boar meat best tastes with a fine wine

Notte Bianca

April 30 • event

At white night the entire Florence stays awake for the whole night until the very sunrise

Christmas Food

early December–late December • food

Try Tuscany Christmas dainties once – and you will want to spend another Christmas there

Epiphany – Adoration of the Magi

January 06 • event

Join colorfully-dressed Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men to greet the newly-born Messiah

La Maggiolata Lucignano

May 17–31 • event

The festival of flowers overwhelms with colors and scents

Festa di San Giovanni

June 24 • event

Saint John’s Day begins with solemn mass followed with the fires of John and Renaissance football

Festival of the Paper Lanterns: Rificolona

September 07 • event

On the eve of the Virgin Mary’s Nativity Florentine streets and balconies are overwhelmed with the lanterns’ light

Season of Black Truffles

mid-November–mid-March • food

Black truffle is a special gift given to Italy from mother nature

Grape Harvest

late August–early October • activity

Wine tasting will help to relax after intense harvesting activities

Carnasciale Games or I Giochi di Carnasciale

May 2019 (TBA) • event

Once a year a part of Florence goes back to chivalrous times

Ribollita Soup

October–April • food

Inventive Florentines once found a delicious way out of poverty by reboiling soup with staple bread

Tonno del Chianti

July • food

Pork meat cooked in white wine resembles tuna

Truffle Hunting

early October–late November • activity

Spying, dog poisoning, and secret maps – it's an everyday life of a truffle hunter

Olive Harvest

late September–late December • food

Olive harvesting and olive oil tasting will make you an expert in olives