Wonders of the underwater world
Plunge into an amazing ocean world—check out what it's like to swim side by side with playful dolphins, sea lions, turtles, and mantas. Test your limits while facing crocs, witness a wall of sharks or club of migrating sardines, and swim in a lake teeming with jellyfish (luckily, these ones don't sting!). Life beneath the water is full of wonders, from underwater museums to the most unusual sea creatures you've ever seen.
Hiking trails that will blow your mind
There might be no better way to explore some regions than going for a hike. Walk through the scenic trails around the world and immerse yourself in the local culture with unbelievable landscapes on the backdrop.
Top surfing seasons & spots
Imagine your perfect surfing location: a place where swell, seafloor, direction, wind and tide meet. Let us guide you through the top destinations on our list. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover some unexpected ones as well! Find the spot that suits you best and go cop a tube!
Unusual local drinks
The weirder, the better! Discover the unique flavours of the local drinks listed below. Let camel milk heal your body, try famous Bolivian coca tea, enjoy Swedish Christmas coke, and discover many more specific beverages, some of which you have likely never heard of!
Drives That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
Our planet is tiled by millions of miles of roads. Some of these roads are so amazing and beautiful that they have become perfect travel destinations all on their own. Plan an unforgettable trip through some of the most stunning sceneries you have ever seen! Travel along coastal areas, descend through splendid valleys, cross mountains and beautiful natural parks, or pass through entire countries. A number of these routes are hazardous, yet highly adventurous! Choose your perfect route and you won't be able to resist stopping to take in scenic views or witness fantastic wildlife. So, are you ready to make driving a real pleasure?
Incredible animal gatherings
Watch as large numbers of animal species band together, breed or migrate from one place to another. You see, it's not only humans that love getting together to eat or wind down! With a strong self-preservation instinct, animal herds move together so that predators can't catch them. Seize the opportunity to witness this fascinating performance in real life!
World's strangest foods
Dishes like snake soup, zompopos de Mayo, fiddleheads or akutaq can make your skin crawl, but they have one thing in common—somewhere in the world, they are considered to be delicacies. Don't be afraid of the unknown, immerse yourself in this culinary tour of the strangest foods from all around the globe.
Spectacular harvests
Abundant harvests are spectacular. Look at the endless tea plantations, purple lavender fields, vast hay camps, surreal salt terraces, and bizarre volcanic vineyards—one can't deny this authentic beauty. While locals gather the fruits of their labour, photographers are able to take their best shots.
Hot air ballooning
Jump into a hot air balloon for the unforgettable feeling that the sky is not the limit. What a perfect chance to explore the diversity and beauty of our planet! Here are the most spectacular spots for you to start your trip!
Bizarre & unusual competitions
Humans, like all social species, are highly competitive by nature. From tree-climbing contests on kindergarten playgrounds to racing down the slopes at the Olympics, it’s just plain fun to compete! Did you know that you could indulge your competitive side with many weird and obscure challenges? Take a look at these bizarre contests—some of which originate from ancient traditions, while others are modern inventions. Here is a selection of the strangest contests in the world—evidence that humans can turn anything into a competition.
Let's drink some booze around the world?
We gathered here some special alcoholic drinks. Some of them are connected with local customs of the region they belong to. Head out to Corsica for chestnut beer, try Mongolian milk wine, and get your guts to drink snake whisky in Laos. Nations worldwide astonish with their spirit traditions. So don’t waste unique opportunities—celebrate with a savour.
Best wildlife encounters
Earth is a hospitable home to wildlife! This means there are numerous activities available for learning about and observing animals in their natural environments. From bear watching and tiger safaris to observing the bison migration, the opportunities are endless. Go admire these creatures in their natural habitats.
Best Christmas Markets in Europe
Winter! What a perfect time to visit all these astonishing European Christmas markets! During Christmas season, festive markets are full of options from ice rinks to mulled wine. Friendly Vienna, traditional Bavaria or romantic Krakow will turn the festive mood on! Let the Christmas spirit overwhelm you!
Cute animals
What makes us radiate with the warmest emotions and most positive vibes? Watching and cuddling cute animals, of course! Some are so sweet that we can't stop smiling with admiration. So here they come—dozens of amazing creatures from all around the globe, who will undoubtedly make you affectionate. Don't forget your camera!
Ice & Snow Festivals
Do you love winter? Many people claim it as their favorite season! Snowball fights, ice sculptures, sledding, and building snow castles — there are so many fun things to do when the temperature dips and the ground turns white. From the American Midwest to China and from Scandinavia to Quebec, the world’s best ice and snow festivals will help you to appreciate even the coldest and snowiest weather!
World's rarest animals
Every day, species face the risk of extinction. More and more animals have become and remain endangered, and the reasons differ: from climate change and poaching to habitat loss and human activity. Unfortunately, future generations risk not being able to see the creatures featured below as they are as rare as palms growing in the North Pole.
The Best Places in the World to See Scenic Blooming
Flowers have long been idolized as objects of beauty, framing the festive atmosphere worldwide. Enjoying flowers and inhaling their scents help us feel the true power of nature! You can enjoy flowers at any time, but you’ll need to travel quite a bit to chase the fleeting beauty of the blooms. Make sure you bring your binoculars and cameras, for you must not forget about the sights featured below.
Art festivals and events
Did you know that art is equivalent to pure harmony? Harmony between the world and people living in it. The events below are all about getting together in the name of art such as the Aarhus Festival and the Open Air Gallery or Berlin Biennale.
Whale watching
Whale watching is easily one of the best experiences of a lifetime. From Scotland to Costa Rica, South Africa and beyond, you have the opportunity to spot blue whales, grey whales, Pacific humpback whales and many more in their natural environment.
Animal racing
Reindeer, camels, cows, elephants, and donkeys—these are some of the most unexpected types of runners. We have collected the most popular animal races found around the world such as the Alaskan Fur Rondy and New Zealand Dog Derby.
Choose Your Favorite Animal Migration and Plan a Trip to Experience It
Humans and animals are both capable of incredible journeys. Untold numbers of reindeer, butterflies, or even jellyfish travel thousands of miles in search of food, safety, and warm climates. These migrations cover vast distances over land, in water, and through the air and have evolved over millions of years. Some of them are predictable and large enough for us to plan our trips accordingly to witness nature’s many seasonal movements—an experience like nothing else. If you also know where and why they move—to escape cold, feed, breed, give birth, or raise young—you start appreciating the migration spectacle even more. We've collected some of the world's greatest migrations for you to chase. Just note the dates may vary as nature isn't always predictable.
Explore glaciers
Discover the true force of nature by exploring breathtaking glaciers! Go hiking, enjoy ice climbing or witness the beauty of natural ice caves.
Fun runs
These amusing runs around the world are anything but boring. Have you ever considered racing along a coal mine? Would you run while carrying your wife or a bed with someone laying in it? One of the craziest things ever must be chasing a wheel of cheese rolling down a hill! Explore the full list of weird and bizarre competitions below.
Conquer the world's highest peaks
Climbing any of the highest peaks in the world is an indisputable accomplishment. Our planet is blessed with highland terrains for the ambitious and adventurous, and although challenging—they are conquerable. This collection presents the summits of each continent along with the world's highest mountains.
The World’s Most Unusual Lakes and Rivers
Did you know that the world is filled with lakes and rivers that are not only considered geological wonders but also transfix visitors due to unimaginable colors and shapes? Rich with rare minerals and elements, their views are to die for, even though it’s too dangerous to actually swim in many of them! These bizarre bodies of water are filled with algae, bubbles, salt or gases that seem like cinematic special effects to those who gaze upon them. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing locations!
World’s Best Places to View the Auroras
Watching a wondrous celestial ballet is a must on any adventurer’s travel wishlist. When polar lights dance across the sky, it seems magic. Scientists explain that this otherworldly show is due to solar wind—the charged particles of the sun cause disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field. It is best visible in latitudes above 55° and only in the darkest nights from fall to spring. We can't promise you'll spot the elusive Aurora, but we can direct you to the places with the highest chance of a display.
Nude Events and Naked Festivals... Where to Find Them!*
*Warning! As the title suggests, some of the links provided below include photos depicting nudity. Are you sure you want to proceed?
Must-do marathons
Running a marathon is an incredible accomplishment that requires a lot of willpower and preparation. Supportive spectators, music on the course, or incredible scenery make each event unique. Each race below boasts excellent organization and a rewarding route featuring unique landmarks and beautiful landscapes. We included the World Marathon Majors (a series of six most renowned races that take place in New York City, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and Tokyo) and much more. So gear up for your wonderful 42-km-long adventure!
Unique and traditional sports
You would be surprised at the variety of unusual sports that exist in the world. The Dutch can leap over bodies of water using long poles, and feverish Bolivian women beat one another in Cholita Wrestling. Instead of horses, some countries play polo on elephants, camels, or yaks, while others manage to combine football with hockey. This collection will definitely satisfy the needs of the curious.
Pick a jazz fest and plan your trip!
With roots in ragtime and blues, jazz music is often spontaneously built from improvisation. Attending a live jazz performance can be a musical experience like no other, which is why jazz enthusiasts seek out festivals all over the world.
Crazy, messy, and colorful festivals
Behave yourself? No, that's not what these events are about! Get ready to get dirty with grapes, tomatoes, eggs, flour, paint or even mud. Warning: such an adrenaline rush is extremely contagious, so you'll be actively involved soon after arrival.
Captivating firework displays
It would be unfair to limit fireworks to New Year's celebrations. Luckily, we didn't let it happen—various pyrotechnic shows take place all around the world during different seasons. Each of these sparkling spectacles is outstanding and proves that fireworks can be an event in itself.
Film festivals
Movie fans need to keep up with the latest trends. Festivals are a great way to stay up to date: meet the most successful directors, see top-rated movies, and above all—your favourite stars. This collection introduces you to the world's leading events in the film industry.
Ancient festivals and ceremonies
Some traditions appear to be so deeply engraved in a certain culture that they can never be erased, but there's no need to! On the contrary, the world is always surprising us with originality. Check out ancient ceremonies, weird tournaments, bizarre performances, and awe-inspiring rituals preserved from long ago.
Perfect beach escapes
If you're a beach person, this is the guide to your heaven on earth—a list of the world's most delightful beaches for you to explore. Whenever you feel like taking a break from your daily routine—choose one and enjoy doing nothing but swimming and sunbathing. Places like these are perfect if you need to unwind.
Impressive fire-themed events
Sometimes, fire sparkling in the darkness of the night is just what the human soul needs. Explore the world's most impressive fire-themed celebrations. These involve all imaginable fiery ceremonies from fireworks, burning torches, and floating lanterns to more fervent performances such as fire dancing, cart explosions, and huge bonfires that may engulf an entire hill from top to bottom.
Cave exploring
Massive, jaw-dropping and unforgettable сaves! Stuffed with stalactites bigger than the average building, these caves are just as intriguing as the depths of the ocean. Situated in remote areas of the continents, these natural formations attract thousands of adventurers from all over the world. Don't miss the chance to become one of these explorers.
Stunning sunsets & sunrises
Astonished by the dazzling beauty of the Sun, it's no wonder our ancestors worshipped it as a mighty god. Over the years, it hasn't lost its divinity and today, people continue to admire this hot star rolling up and down the horizon from different corners of the world. Sunrises and sunsets are always breathtaking in the mountains and seasides. One of the most iconic spots is the English Stonehenge. It inspired Americans to name their stunning urban sunsets Chicagohenge and Manhattanhenge. Let the Sun take you away for a little while.
Kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding
A peaceful paddle is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of nature. It allows you to take your time and absorb the breathtaking serenity of Alaskan glaciers, listen to the rhythm of the ocean in Greenland, marvel at Nordic fjords, feel the spirit of Sweden, and take in the charming wilderness of Patagonia. Water and mountains—this classic combination is never boring.
Most beautiful forests in the world
Feeling stressed by the city life and in need to escape to nature? Only a few earthly experiences could be as relaxing and calming as standing in the middle of a forest. Immerse yourself ancient redwoods, walk along the trails, and listen to the whispers of the trees or even stones.
Flower Blooming
Can you imagine something more magnetizing than vast fields of flowers in bloom? Vivid colour combinations will please your soul. Walk among blooming azaleas in South Korea, visit poppy reserves in California or inhale the unforgettable scent of Namaqualand daisies in South Africa. The world of flowers is right here for you!
Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Parades, Best celebrations & Events
Are you ready to drink Guinness until you start seeing leprechauns? Are you ready for some old-fashioned craic and jigs? Then get your best green outfits ready and let’s have a shamrocking great time! These are the best St. Patrick’s Day events that will make everyone feel a little bit Irish, at least for a day.
Halloween season is upon us. The pumpkins are carved, the costumes are read, and the sweets are waiting for the trick-or-treaters. From crazy parties and amusing parades to haunted houses and ghost tours, everything is there to frighten and entertain you. Check out a plethora of Halloween events and activities around the world.
Road Trip Ideas from Denver
With its thriving art scene, diverse food options, natural beauty, and about 300 days of sunshine, Denver can easily fill up your itinerary. We understand why you wouldn't want to leave this fabulous city. However, within a few hours’ drive from The Mile High City, you can reach lots of places worth a visit: from hiking spots and charming towns with local events to ski resorts and scenic viewpoints. All you need to start the road adventure is a long weekend, good weather, and a few experiences in mind. Whether you prefer a laid-back day at the hot springs or an active weekend up in the Rockies, each season in Denver has adventures galore.
Road trip from Boston
If your everyday surroundings start feeling too mundane, you might hear the road calling to you. A surefire way to change your settings and beat monotony is with a road trip. Getting away by car doesn’t require much planning or money and can be done on a whim, unlike cross-country and overseas travels. Just jump behind the wheel, pick a destination, and start your adventure. Whether you are looking for a day trip or a long weekend, solo or with friends, we’ve put together some exciting seasonal road-trip ideas to help you make the most of your adventure! Now we all know that 2020 is turning out to be a very different year in many respects. It’s hard to know if certain events or festivals will take place this year, but don’t let that stop you from exploring! There is always so much to see, so with or without a planned event, you are free to drive until you feel like stopping.
Road Trip from Miami
South Florida is a year-round dream vacation destination that can best be explored by car. So get a full tank of gas, rev up your GPS, and hit the road. Whichever direction you choose, you’ll find tons of breathtaking views and exciting things to do. Get ready to immerse yourself in secluded tropical beaches, mangrove forests, amazing wildlife, quaint small towns, and impressive colonial architecture.
Road Trips from Chicago
The Windy City is a destination of its own—for visitors as well as locals—but the joys of road tripping to destinations within reach of Chicago are not to be underestimated. Can there be anything more hell-for-leather or seductive than jumping into a car with a full tank? We don’t think so! Just drive off on your own or with a loved one, a favorite tune on the radio, a minimal agenda, and maximum enthusiasm. It’s all waiting for you: from beautiful parks, to breathtaking lakes, to small harbor towns around. In other words, adventure awaits!
Road Trips from New York
New York City can be rather exhausting due to the overcrowded subways, streets full of traffic, and never-ending noise. Luckily, driving an hour or so in any direction from the city paints a completely different picture. Secluded white-sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, panoramic views, and lush green valleys are all just a short road trip away.
Best Places to See Fall Colors in the United States
North America boasts some of the best autumn leaf-peeping opportunities in the world. Besides the incredible diversity of landscapes and trees, it also offers exceptionally long fall foliage season. The fall colors typically start around mid-September in the northern states and tend to peak in early October. While in the southwest, leaves may start turning closer to the end of October, followed by the southern states in early November, with a final sweep of color reaching Florida and south Texas by Thanksgiving. The key is to map your trip, be flexible, plan for peak, and aim for the states famous for their brilliant colors! Red maple, ginkgo, bald cypress, black gum, and scarlet oak are responsible for the warm orange and bronze hues that make North America's fall landscapes so special. The change of leaf color depends on chlorophyll. As the days get colder and shorter, the amount of chlorophyll decreases, and the pigments that were once hidden begin to reveal themselves. Xanthophylls are responsible for a yellow color and beta-carotenes—for orange. Anthocyanins that produce red to purple hues are widespread in certain areas like New England, making autumn there exceptionally beautiful. The first state to turn yellow and red is Alaska, where fall may already be in full swing in early September. Minnesota and Michigan usually experience peak beauty around mid- to late September. Early to mid-October can be the best time to enjoy a vivid and vibrant walk in New England. Mid- to late October can serve up some incredible colors in parts of California. Finally, Texas and Arkansas are known to exhibit their fall foliage well into mid-November. The most famous leaf-peeping destinations include California with its stunning vineyards, mountainous Colorado, rural Vermont, and charming New Hampshire. However, every state has at least a few scenic spots for viewing remarkable fall displays. You can decide for yourself what to put on your fall-foliage bucket list.
Top Places to See Northern Lights in the United States and Canada
Seeing the northern lights is an amazing experience that should definitely be on most everyone’s bucket list. Looking up in the sky is not so difficult—just plan your location and the timing, and prepare to be awestruck! There are dozens of places in North America where you can catch a glimpse of these elusive lights. In the northern hemisphere, the aurora is usually more visible from September through March, since there are more hours of darkness during this period. Green, purple, and red lights appear in the sky as an aurora oval around the magnetic poles of the earth. They are caused by the electronically charged solar particles, also known as the solar wind, that enter the magnetic field of the earth. Their intensity is measured by the Kp-index (from 0 to 9). A higher Kp value means there are more chances to observe aurora from locations further away from the magnetic poles. Solar activity is usually more intense during the times of equinoxes. Northern lights are not visible from the same latitude. In Kp 3, for example, one can observe the beautiful aurora at 65°N in Northern Europe, and at 50°N in North America. However, the further north you go, the higher are your chances to see the elusive phenomenon. Places like Fairbanks, Alaska (USA), Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada), and Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories (Canada), top the list of the world’s best places to see the aurora borealis. The lights are also frequently visible from northern Alberta (Canada) and northern Manitoba (Canada), two areas that can be reached from major cities. Banff and Jasper National Parks, located in the Canadian Rockies, are among premier aurora-watching spots thanks to their dark skies and stunning scenery. Finally, the aurora often shows up on the banks of the Great Lakes, especially Lake Superior. That means that the dream of seeing the northern lights can come true for people in the American Midwest and Canadian Ontario. If you venture to one of the viewing spots mentioned in this article, and want to ensure that you see and capture whatever the aurora chooses to show you on your viewing night, consider getting an SLR camera and tripod. You might capture more than you actually see, since the northern lights are sometimes more visible to a specialized camera than by the naked eye. If you can’t travel to the northern latitudes, but still want to track the aurora, you can follow the occurrences via special websites that measure solar activity and make forecasts. Our last tip, if the conditions look right and you can get away, always be ready for a spontaneous aurora-chasing adventure!
Skiing and Snowboarding in the USA
What would winter be without skiing and snowboarding? These fast-paced sports shine a light on what might otherwise be a frigid and gloomy season. Speeding downhill takes your mind off of everything, even the cold temperatures! To find some of the best ski destinations in the world, just head to the western part of North America. Topping the list is Colorado. Nothing compares to skiing in the renowned Rockies. Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Breckenridge—your skiing dreams can come true in these wintry wonderlands. Colorado is also home to nine out of ten of the highest ski mountains in the United States. However, the glamorous crowds and bustling nightlife that can be found at some of the exclusive Colorado ski resorts take a visit to the Rockies far beyond skiing. Neighboring Utah is famous for its Olympic trails at Big, and Little, Cottonwood Canyons. Plan some time to explore Snowbird and Alta; these resorts deserve a full-blown ski vacation, not just a short weekend trip. Moving to the northwest, you’ll find some of the snowiest mountain resorts in Washington state. Or take advantage of the affordability and wide open spaces of Montana, where skiers swoosh down more acres per person than anywhere else in the country. The East Coast may have less snow and smaller mountains compared to the West, but there are definitely some excellent ski destinations to be found! Green Mountains, in Vermont, and White Mountains, in New Hampshire, are both stunning as well as easily accessible from the major cities. Carve out your favorite terrain in Killington—the largest ski resort in the eastern United States—which is spread across six mountains. Or check out Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, New York, a 1980 Winter Olympics venue and U.S. Olympic Training Site. Ski on the historic grounds of New Hampshire’s Bretton Woods, where the international monetary system was crafted after World War II. Ritzy or woodsy, east or west, find your favorite ski destination in North America, and go!
Best time to cruise the world
Have you ever been on a cruise vacation? It is a perfect way to see an array of interesting places in a relatively short time and have your hotel with you. Large and small cruise liners operate all year, offering unforgettable sea voyages in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, along the Mexican Riviera and across the Panama Canal, around Alaska, off Canada and New England, Australia and New Zealand, and other popular cruising areas. Just pick your itinerary and find out the most convenient season to venture into the open waters.
Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated on the 5th of November to mark the protestant King James' assassination attempt on the same day in 1605. A group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliament and kill the King. However, the rebellious​ group was revealed, the lawless soldier was burnt alive, and the King initiated celebrations as a token of gratitude for his salvation. Festivities on this day include burning Guy Fawkes puppets, setting off fireworks, lighting bonfires, and feasting on toffee apples, gingerbread, baked potatoes, and marshmallows roasted over the fire.