Bizarre & unusual competitions

Humans, like all social species, are highly competitive by nature. From tree-climbing contests on kindergarten playgrounds to racing down the slopes at the Olympics, it’s just plain fun to compete! Did you know that you could indulge your competitive side with many weird and obscure challenges? Take a look at these bizarre contests—some of which originate from ancient traditions, while others are modern inventions. Here is a selection of the strangest contests in the world—evidence that humans can turn anything into a competition.

North America, what are you thinking?

When it comes to celebrations and gatherings, North America always wins prizes for originality. At any given time, there are a plethora of strange events to choose from in the United States alone. Are you a dog lover? Check out the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in California, or watch dogs fearlessly ride the waves at the Surf Dog Competition. If food-related contests are more your style, head to Michigan for the Cherry Pit Spitting Contest, or take a gander at the National Giant Capital Barbecue Battle in Washington, D.C. From quirky to just plain strange, there is a weird contest for everyone in the good ol’ U.S. of A.:

Europe—on the strange side

Ah, Europe! The land of wild events and unusual festivals! Bed races, toe wrestling, air guitar competitions—whatever sizzles your bacon there’s likely an event for it in Europe. The excitement that you will inevitably experience as you gaze upon these unbelievable adventures will definitely stay with you (think: you can’t “unsee” stuff like this).

Let’s get weird in Asia

Asia has unique offerings that are guaranteed to impress even the most persnickety oddities seeker. Asian countries are very proud of their prodigious traditions and customs. Some festivals might seem sophisticated, while others celebrate old fashion fun. Either way, they will definitely leave you scratching your head! Fancy enjoying the Japanese Children Cry or perhaps joining the Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival? Scour this list to find the most unusual competitions in Asia: