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Fur Rondy 2024

Run, Rudolph, run! The reindeer race seems to be the most interesting event of the Rondy Festival in Anchorage. Check all the events, and find the most fun one

Dates: February 22-March 3, 2024

Fur Rondy
Fur Rondy
Fur Rondy
Fur Rondy
Fur Rondy

Just like the famous Spanish encierro running in Pamplona, Alaska has its own tradition. Though it is a bit transformed, and instead of angry bulls, ​you get chased by speedy reindeer. This event is held every February in Anchorage, during the Fur Rendezvous winter festival, known locally as Fur Rondy or just "Rondy." Hundreds of people participate ​in the race; some of them wear funny dresses, so usually it is quite fun and amusing. Join the crowd and run as fast as you can so the Arctic reindeer doesn't catch you!

If you are not excited about running with reindeer, you can try an ancient Alaskan tradition of Blanket Tossing or participate in dog sled race. Or maybe you have a crazy team to join the outhouse races? All these activities are available during the Fur Rondy Festival.

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