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Camel Races 2024

Camels and racing? Incompatible you say? Not at all! The Wadi Rum desert hosts stunning races

Dates: March–April | September–November (different dates)

Camel Races
Camel Races

A stereotypical image depicts a stout long-legged, and humped mammal leisurely walking among sandy desert landscapes. Similar stereotypes are broken at the sight of some 200 camels competing in the Sheikh Zayed Camels Race Festival in Wadi Rum. Local camel-breeding Bedouins manage to raise Jordanian camels as true racing warriors.


Camel races usually take place in autumn and spring in the village of Disah, in Wadi Rum desert in the south of Jordan.

Camel Race Festival Rules

The races have several categories based on the camels' age and breed, and each race's winners receive prizes. Most often, jockeys are young guys who can easily control camels due to their weight. They often use whips to encourage the camels to race. Families of jockeys gather near the track to support their relatives; others sit on the roof of their trucks, water tankers, and cartons. In the past, the whole family would run behind the camel during the race.

In addition to the camel races, the festival often features other cultural events and activities in a welcoming atmosphere, including traditional dance performances and market stalls selling local crafts.

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