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Bogota Guinea Pig Race in Colombia

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Bogota Guinea Pig Race
Bogota Guinea Pig Race

Guinea pig racing is one of the craziest activities in Bogota but at the same time very exciting. You can attend it during Sunday Ciclovia when the centre of the city is blocked for traffic.

How does this race work? There are twenty upturned buckets and ten guinea pigs waiting to start. You need to put a peso in one bucket or more and hope that the guinea pig will choose it. When the commentator says the game has started, one guinea pig starts to run, and the competition is done when it is inside of the bucket. The winner will get money back plus extra pesos. This activity always attracts lots of visitors, and, well, some pick-pockets.

Guinea pig racing is available all year-round on Sundays. It is organised by the residents unaffiliated with the city authorities, so there are no fixed locations or schedules.

Practical info

When can I attend the Bogota Guinea Pig Race?

The Guinea Pig Race takes place every Sunday and holiday throughout the year in Bogota. It is recommended to visit on Sunday Ciclovia when the city centre is closed for traffic. Don't miss this exciting opportunity while visiting Bogota on a Sunday to attend the much-anticipated guinea pig race. Show more

In what locations does the Guinea Pig Race take place in Bogota?

The race's location is not fixed, as it is organised by residents who are unaffiliated with the city authorities. The race can be held in various locations such as parks, streets, or squares of Bogota. To attend, it would be best to read the local newspaper to find the exact location of the race for that week. Show more

What is the number of guinea pigs that participate in the race?

Ten guinea pigs participate in the race by running between 20 over-turned buckets. The game involves placing a peso into a bucket, and if the guinea pig chooses your bucket, you will win the race. The first guinea pig to reach the bucket wins, and some winners can win back their pesos plus additional prizes. Show more

How much does a ticket for the race cost?

There is no standard ticket price for the guinea pig race. Instead, you are required to place one or more pesos in the bucket before the race begins. If your bucket is chosen by the guinea pig, you'll win the race and some of your pesos back, along with additional prizes. So winning the race is entirely up to luck. Show more

What happens to the guinea pigs after the race concludes?

The organisers of the guinea pig race are mindful of their welfare after the event. Even the participating guinea pigs are well-fed, sheltered, and cared for, which fosters a good bond between the animals and the residents. Hence, the guinea pigs enjoy their lives being loved and cared for by Bogota's inhabitants, who regard them as a source of entertainment and fun. Show more

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