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Poas Volcano

January–April • nature

Arenal may be the most visited volcano, but Poas is definitely the most spectacular!

Resplendent Quetzal

November–April • nature

Used to be called "precious" by Aztecs, resplendent quetzal is considered to be the most beautiful bird on Earth

Whale Watching

December–April | August–November • nature

Coasta Rica is one of the greatest places to watch wales

Irazu Volcano

March–April • nature

The highest active volcano in Costa Rica

Leatherback Turtles on the North Caribbean

March–July • nature

Watching turtles is one of the best activities in Costa Rica, especially the largest species


December–May • food

Cashew nut is topped by paprika-like pseudo fruit and has to be roasted before consumption

Mango Season

March–April • food

There are few people who do not like mango, especially in Costa Rica—the mango kingdom


May–November (Pacific), December–April (Caribbean) • activity

In Costa Rica you will find some of the best waves on the planet

Eating Iguanas

March–April • food

What can be more bizarre than the ancient traditions? Only the ancient traditional cuisine choices

Fishing in Quepos

December–April • activity

Prime time for anglers to experience tropical water fishing

Tamarind Fruit

December–March • food

A huge tree that gives plenty of shade and healthy fruits once in six years

Leatherback Turtles on the Pacific

September–March • nature

Costa Rica is full of spots to watch turtles during their nesting period


December–April • food

One of the largest fruits in Costa Rica

Sapodilla Season

February–May • food

With a thin gray rind and oval in shape, ​this most-liked fruit is larger than a baseball!

Star Apple or Caimito

February–April • food

Sweet and healthy orange-sized fruit


Arenal Volcano

September–October • nature

Arenal is Costa Rica's most well-known volcano

Envision Festival

end of February (TBA) 2019 • event

An annual gathering to promote sustainable development and raise the sense of community

Coffee Harvest

October–February • food

Costa Rica offers some of the best coffee beans in the world


May–November • activity

Discover why Costa Rica is a prime rafting destination

Olive Ridley Turtles

August–November • nature

Arribada nesting strategy is fun to watch!

La Ruta de Los​ Conquistadores

November 01–03, 2018 • event

One of the most difficult mountain bike races in the world

Chirripó Race or Carrera Chirripó

February 24, 2018 • event

Run up the country's highest peak at the annual International Chirripó Race in San Gerardo

Festival of the Diablitos

December 30–January 02 • event

One of the most authentic festivals, it's dedicated to the victory of Boruca tribe over Spanish invadors​

Hawksbill Turtles

July–October • nature

These turtles have a peculiar pattern and beak, and are critically endangered


August–October • nature

Plenty of birds all year round could be watched in Costa Rica, however, ​bird migrations are the real highlight

Fiestas Civicas Liberia

February, 2018 • event

A rodeo-like event full of adrenaline and danger

Easter and Holy Week (Semana Santa)

April 15–21, 2019 • event

The week before Easter is of a huge importance and has plenty of interesting traditions to observe in Costa Rica

El Tope Nacional

December 26 • event

The biggest horse parade in the country takes place San José with fun activities and traditional attractions

Green Turtles

June–October • nature

One of the most famous and beautiful species that is also regarded endangered

Limón Carnival

mid-October • event

Taking place in the port city of Limon, the carnival celebrates nice weather and joy of life

Día de los Muertos

November 02 • event

Colourful day of the dead commemorates the deceased


June–August • food

Also known as Spanish lime, this round fruit is good for juice and a healthy snack.

Pitaya or Dragon Fruit

June–November • food

This fruit growing on a cactus can be found on trees or rocky terrains

Mammee Apple

May–August • food

An evergreen tree that can grow up to 25 meters gives a large and round fruit

Fiesta de La Virgen del Mar

July 14, 2018 • event

On this day fishing boats and yachts are decorated colourfully in Puntarenas

Guanacaste Day

July 25 • event

The celebration of Guanacaste’s annexation to Costa Rica

Palmares Festival

January 10–22, 2018 • event

One of the biggest festivals in Costa Rica, it includes two weeks of endless fun

Fiestas Típicas Nacionales Santa Cruz

January 14–21, 2018 • event

The festival with lots of dancing and music that also honours the Black Christ of Esquipulas


May • nature

The symbol of Costa​ Rica, this flower is famous for its beauty and colourful charm. Orchid is the country's pride

Independence Day

September 15 • event

Widely celebrated, the Independence Day is a central national holiday

Parrita Mule Festival

January–February (TBA) 2019 • event

Festival Nacional de las Mulas is now one of the biggest in Costa Rica


June • food

The large fruit with sweet taste

Passion Fruit or Maracuya

October–February • food

Sweet fruit is healthy and gives tasty juice

Reto Jacó Extremo

February 24, 2018 • event

The Jaco Extreme Challenge is a run of 10k through the tough area


January–February • food

Similar to melon, this fruit has hard beige skin, and sweet yellowish flesh

Mandarin Orange

November–December • food

Similar to orange, but smaller, very juicy and sweet