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Resplendent Quetzal

Used to be called "precious" by Aztecs, resplendent quetzal is considered to be the most beautiful bird on Earth


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Alone or in flocks, this bird is very difficult to spot. It is one of the extinct species and mostly resides in natural reserves in Guatemala and Costa Rica. The natural habitat of this stunningly gracious green and red bird is cloud forest, which in Costa Rica is located in the Highlands and has extensively been ruined by humans. Although they usually are in the canopy, for the breeding season most of males chase females lower where they can meet up for some courtship and be visible to you.

Visit Monteverde or San Gerardo de Dota for the biggest chance of seeing the quetzal. With their long colourful feathers and melodious smooth songs, these birds will catch your imagination during your trip to Costa Rica!

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