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Migrating Birds at Falsterbo in Sweden 2024

Witness over 100,000 birds pass Falstebro on their way south!

Best time: mid-August–late October

Migrating Birds at Falsterbo
Migrating Birds at Falsterbo
Migrating Birds at Falsterbo
Migrating Birds at Falsterbo

Visit Falsterbo or Simrishamn in the Skane region to see the annual mass migration of birds of prey! Can you imagine nearly 100,000 pigeons that leave the country every day in autumn?

More than that, not only pigeons but thousands of other rare and common species fly around as well!

Not recomm​ended if you are still scared of Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds."

Practical info

When do the birds migrate at Falsterbo?

Witnessing the annual mass bird migration can best be experienced between mid-August to late October at Falsterbo. From around the world, nearly 500,000 birds fly towards the south and around 100,000 birds of prey, alongside thousands of other common and rare species take part in this six to eight weeks long migration period. Show more

How many birds pass through Falsterbo on an annual basis?

Every year, nearly 500,000 birds pass through Falsterbo, including around 100,000 birds of prey. This impressive gathering makes this area a primary location for bird-watching enthusiasts, which is home to a diverse range of birds. As a result, Falsterbo remains one of the top places on earth to witness bird migration of various species. Show more

Which rare birds species can be seen commonly in the migration period?

More than the 100,000 birds of prey, several common and unusual species fly through Falsterbo in the migration period. Passerines, honey buzzards, hawks, and eagles are among the commonly seen birds. Additionally, some of the many rare species include ospreys, red-footed falcons, and harriers, which can be spotted by bird enthusiasts during the migration period. Show more

What are the popular spots for bird-watching in the Skane region?

Falsterbo and Simrishamn are the two best bird-watching spots located in the Skane region. The Falsterbo Bird Observatory, one of the top spots worldwide, attracts bird enthusiasts from all around the world. On the other hand, located on the southeastern coast of Sweden, the port town of Simrishamn is another remarkable destination for the annual bird migration. Show more

What are the expert tips to make the bird-watching experience more enjoyable in Falsterbo?

To have the best bird-watching experience in Falsterbo, opt for expert-guided tours or hire a professional guide specialized in ornithology. To enhance the experience even further, carry binoculars or a camera with a powerful zoom lens. Additionally, prepare yourself for prolonged stand-and-watch hours with appropriate warm clothing, as the migration period can last over two months. Specifically, avoid loud noises to prevent disrupting the birds' natural behavior. Show more

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