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Whale Shark Watching in Kenya

Witness the gentle giants—whale sharks during their migration

Best time: October–April

Whale Shark Watching

The unspoilt environment of Diani is the perfect spot for watching the whale sharks where they migrate during this period. This shark safari will be definitely a unique experience for you!

Practical info

When is the best time to go on a whale shark safari in Diani, Kenya?

It is advisable to embark on a whale shark safari tour in Diani, Kenya, between October to April. This period is ideal as it coincides with the whale sharks' migration, making it easy to find them. During this time, the water is typically calmer, with more sunshine, and clearer visibility. Whale sharks are more abundant, making sightings more frequent for tourists during the tour. Show more

Where can I go to witness the migration of whale sharks in Kenya?

Diani Beach, which is on the southern coast of Kenya and approximately an hour and a half's drive from Mombasa, is a popular site for whale shark safaris. The whale sharks move into Kenyan waters at different times of the year to feed on plankton, and licensed and experienced tour guides can take tourists for safari tours. However, to ensure the best experience, tourists need to book with a reputable tour operator who adheres to best practices when it comes to whale shark watching. Show more

How long does a typical whale shark safari in Diani, Kenya last?

A typical whale shark safari tour in Diani, Kenya lasts between 3 to 6 hours, depending on the tour operator's schedule. The tour typically commences by cruising the Indian Ocean on a dhow boat in search of the whale sharks. Once spotted, the boat stops at a safe distance, and tourists can go into the water to get a better look. It is recommended to choose an experienced tour operator who will guarantee tourists an informative and safe experience. Show more

What other marine life can be seen during a whale shark safari in Kenya?

Diani, Kenya's whale shark safari tours offer chances to see other sea creatures like humpback whales, manta rays, dolphins, and sea turtles. Diani Beach's coral reefs are diverse and home to a variety of corals, offering a superb chance to engage in scuba diving and snorkelling. It is possible to find tour operators who offer tours that include whale shark safaris and visits to marine conservation areas and wildlife sanctuaries, allowing tourists to experience Kenya's rich wildlife and marine heritage. Show more

Are there any specific guidelines or regulations that need to be followed during the whale shark safari in Kenya?

Tourists embarking on a whale shark safari in Kenya need to adhere to guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of both tourists and the whale sharks. Tourists are advised not to touch the whale sharks and to maintain a safe distance from them. When taking photos, it is best to avoid using the flash. Tour operators should provide the appropriate snorkelling gear, and tourists are advised to avoid using sunscreen or use an ocean-friendly alternative. Additionally, tour operators must have the necessary licenses from the Kenya Wildlife Service, which regulates whale shark safari tours in Kenya. Show more

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