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Coffee Harvest in Kenya

Kenyan coffee is definitely world's new favorite. Delicate and vibrant, it brings the taste of Africa with a little hint of lemon and blackberry.

Best time: October–December

Coffee Harvest
Coffee Harvest
Coffee Harvest

Extravagant and deep taste of Kenyan coffee is universally admired. The rich peppery taste will awaken your mind in split second, while the well-balanced notes of citrus and berries will make it a pure delight. The coffee harvest in Kenya is a yearly traditional and menial activity that is performed by locals for a really low price. Come to Kenya during the coffee harvest season between October and December to acknowledge the way the taste acquires its distinction and help promote tourism in the country. The most famous coffee growing areas are located around Kisumu, Kakamega, Nakuru, Nyeri, Embu, Garissa, Nairobi, and Mombasa.

Practical info

When is the optimal time to go to Kenya for coffee picking?

From October to December, the coffee cherries are in their ripest form, creating an ideal environment for coffee lovers to embark on a visit to Kenya's coffee producing regions. Kenyan coffee beans have a unique lively taste that tourists can't wait to experience. Furthermore, participating in the coffee harvest season allows for further insight into the country's culture. Show more

What distinguishes Kenyan coffee from other types of coffee?

Kenyan coffee beans stand out globally due to a delightfully sharp, lingering taste. The taste is an exceptionally equal mix of lemony acidity with blackcurrant undertones and bittersweet nougat notes. These fruity and savory undertones work together in unison, providing a unique flavor with no equal. The altitude contributes to its unique taste experience. Show more

Which regions are Kenya's coffee plantations popular in?

Kisumu, Nakuru, Kakamega,Nyeri, Embu, Garissa, Mombasa, and Nairobi are Kenya's popular coffee growing regions, with a long history of coffee production. The unique soil condition, high altitude, and rainfall pattern in these areas provide the ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee beans. Show more

How are local people involved in the coffee harvest season?

The Kenyan coffee harvest is a yearly tradition that involves the local community in the picking process. The locals have inherited the hand-picking method from their forefathers and are experts in separating coffee cherries from unripe beans. Afterward, the coffee is sun-dried. The coffee season presents a unique opportunity for tourists to interact with natives and learn more about their cultural practices. Show more

What effect does the coffee harvest season have on Kenyan tourism?

The coffee harvest season presents a remarkable chance to experience Kenyan rural life, which attracts numerous tourists to the country. Visitors learn from picking coffee cherries to finalizing the brewing process. Environmental sustainability, supportive local coffee farmers, and tourism promotion are among the benefits of the coffee harvest season, which goes on to impact the country's economy positively. Show more

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