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Beach Season

June–February • activity

Visit outstanding beaches along the eastern or northern coasts with fishing villages, tropical palms, and mangrove forests washed by the Indian Ocean

Swimming with Dolphins

January–February | June–October • activity

Swimming side by side with these friendly creatures in their natural habitat is unforgettable

Coconut Crabs on Chumbe Island

June–March • nature

These giant arthropods quickly climb coconut palm trees and easily crack open their favourite food—coconuts. It is incredible and even a little scary

Pemba Flying Fox Breeding Season

January–August • nature

See a breathtaking sight as these huge bats take to the air, launching off en-masse as they depart for their evening hunt...for fruit

Spice Harvest and Tours

June–October • food

Clove, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, lemon grass, vanilla, black pepper, cardamom, saffron... This wonderful aroma spreads through the whole island!

Marine Turtle Nesting Season

February–July • nature

Watch these baby-turtles in a once-in-a-lifetime struggle for survival!

Breadfruit and Jackfruit

June–August • food

Breadfruit is a great gift for fans of unusual fruits


June–October | January–February • activity

Bike routes winding Zanzibar will let you discover the island's real treasures


January–February | June–August • activity

Experience the joy of kiteboarding and kitesurfing in Paje

Shoki Shoki (Lychee and Rambutan)

December–January | June–August • food

Exotic fruit which captivates with its sweet and fragrant taste


May–July | December–January • nature

Admire these gentle creatures and inspect their lifecycle in a magical garden or butterfly farm or in their natural environmen—Jozani Forest

Diving and Snorkeling

June–March • activity

One of the best diving destinations of the world

Carambola (Birimbi, Star Fruit)

April–June | October–December • food

When you cut across it, this fruit looks like a 5-pointed star


May–June • food

This typical African fruit is used in many cuisines around the world in sauces, marinades, chutneys, drinks, and desserts


Baby Red Colobus Monkeys

January–February • nature

Meet these cute animals at Jozani Forest in Zanzibar

Eid al-Fitr

June 26–27, 2017 • event

This is a time of giving charity and alms—two of the five pillars of the Islamic faith

Mwaka Kogwa Festival

July 21–26, 2017 • event

Celebrate the Persian New Year in Zanzibar which has neatly been incorporated into tradition

Baby Giant Tortoises on Prison Island

March–April • nature

This colony of Giant Tortoises is the biggest and most gorgeous attraction of this picturesque island

Jahazi Literary and Jazz Music Festival

September 02–04, 2017 • event

Spend a long weekend of jazz, blues, poetry, and storytelling in Stone Town

Sauti za Busara (Swahili Music & Cultural Festival)

February 09–12, 2017 • event

Three nights of a rich variety of non-stop live African music at the Old Fort

Baobab Blooming and Fruit

December (blooming) | May (ripe fruit) • nature

The circumference of some specimens of baobab exceeds 10 m and its fruits can reach a length of up to 54 cm!

Humpback Whale Watching Season

July–November • activity

Have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these majestic creatures in Zanzibar!


October–February • food

Some say Zanzibar's cashew is the best on the African continent

Green Cardamom Harvest

March–April | October–November • food

Green cardamom is not only a flavorful spice for cuisine, but also hosts a wealth of healthy benefits!

Bullfighting on Pemba Island

August–February • event

It is not as bloody as the Spanish version nor as cruel as the Portuguese, but quite a picturesque spectacle

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

August–October • activity

This is a truly blessed season for fishermen!


November • food

Try this exotic juicy "King of Fruit" known as Durian