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The Army of Ducks

January–March  • activity

If you think ducks can't work in the wine-making business, visit South Africa and see for yourself

Playful Penguins Watching

December–February  • nature

Penguins love to hang out on the Boulders beach a lot, but in summer they are exceptionally playful


November–March  • activity

Sandboarding provides you with a perfect mixture of sun and fun, and makes you look at the traditionally winter sports in a summerly way

Croc Cage Diving

October–March • activity

The snapping jaws and gnarly teeth just a few centimetres from your face—this personal encounter is to become a memorable experience

Seal Snorkeling

September–May • nature

One of the cutest experiences you can get in Cape Town that will provide a lot of positive vibes

Mopane Worms

late December–January • food

Try the traditional delicacy of South Africa

Garden Route

July–April • activity

The most picturesque route in South Africa is filled with vibrant fauna and flora, and runs between the ocean and mountain ranges

Roasted Termites

November–January • food

Close your eyes and you'll think you're eating pretzels or popcorn

Vredefort Dome

May–July (all year round) • nature

The oldest and biggest scar on the surface of Earth is often called the cradle of all life


September–April (best November–February) • nature

Come in season to spot local endemics and near-endemics along with migrants from Europe and north Africa

Turtle Nesting

November–March • nature

If you've never seen a turtle that weights 400 kg, you should visit South Africa

Blyde River Canyon

June–August (all year round) • nature

Nature designed this trek for those who love epic views

Cango Caves

all year round (except December 25) • activity

Discover the fascinating maze of stalagmite and stalactite chambers that appeared on earth millions of years ago

Hiking in Drakensberg

April–October (all year round) • activity

South Africa's top hiking destination may be discovered in two different conditions: either green, rainy, and foggy, or dry, clear, and cold

Smiley, a Sheep's Head

all year round • food

A plate of sheep's head with a grotesque grin is an element of traditional cuisine

Oudtshoorn Ostriches

all year round • nature

Have you ever ridden an ostrich? Trying to curb this bird might turn out to be more challenging than you think. Otherwise, simply learn about the life of these magnificent birds

Fishing Season

September–May (all year round) • activity

Whether it's deep sea fishing or flyfishing in a mountain stream, expect a good catch

Phutu (Umphokoqo)

November–March • food

Traditional South African crumbly pap dressed with sour milk is popular during the hot summer months

Mobola Plum

October–January • food

Try this local indigenous fruit raw, cooked in porridge, or fermented into beer

Wild Medlar

January–April • food

Come in season to explore the wild tastes of South Africa

Num-Num (Carissa)

January–February • food

A wild vitamin-rich treat of the South African summer

Marula Season

January–March • food

Explore the versatile uses of the South African "treasure fruit"


Meerkat Wonder at Sunrise

March–May | September–November • nature

Cute by appearance, but far from being innocent—meerkat hunt in gangs of 20 to 50, and there is always someone on patrol


April 29–May 05, 2019 • event

Join the art community for an unforgettable annual meeting and be prepared to find the new worlds!

Zulu Reed Dance

late August–early September 2018 (TBA) • event

Tens of thousands bare-breasted maidens dance and sing, bringing reeds to their King

Namaqualand Daisies

mid-August–mid-September • nature

The only site in the whole world where a vast dry area annually transforms into a lush orange flowerbed, but only for a few short weeks

Splashy Fen Festival

April 19–23, 2019 • event

The longest-running music festival in SA and the ultimate outdoor experience

Rim of Africa

late September–mid-November • activity

Rugged hilly path coloured with wild fynbos is often said to be more than just a trail, as it passes through a range of private lands

Land-Based Whale Watching

July–November  • nature

South Africa is one of the few places in the world where whales can be seen from the shore


May–September • nature

The impressive biodiversity of South Africa will give you the opportunity to experience the best wildlife safari of your life

Rocking the Daisies

October 05–07, 2018 • event

An open-air music party is the best way to kick off the South African summer season

Ultra South Africa

March 01–02, 2019 • event

You don't have to be in Miami to feel the vibes of the world's best electronic music festival—it has already reached South Africa

National Arts Festival

June 28–July 08, 2018 • event

Don't miss one of the greatest cultural events of the African continent—the best occasion to discover current SA performances, music, and art

Sardine Run

mid-May–mid-July • nature

This is not a mere mass migration, but also an escape from numerous ruthless marine predators and greedy fishermen

Comrades Marathon

June 10, 2018 • event

The ultimate human race is the pinnacle of any ultra-marathoner's running career

Big Five Marathon

June 23, 2018 • event

Combine an excellent marathon experience with big-five game viewing

Augrabies Falls National Park

February–April (waterfall) | April–September (hiking) • nature

Discover why indigenous people called this area the place of great noise

Red Sunsets

March–May | September–November • nature

The South African sunset is a colourful riot of blood-red, pink, gold, and auburn

West Coast Wildflowers

August–October • nature

Every spring, arid valleys along South Africa's western coastline burst into a colourful bloom

Transvaal Red Milkwood

April–September • food

Sweet and high in vitamin C, this native South African fruit is favoured by all local residents—even monkeys and baboons!

Rock Climbing

April–October • activity

South Africa offers the best rock climbing in the entire African continent, with some spots being among the best in the world

Knysna Oysters

April–September | June–July (festival) • food

In peak season, thousands of people head to the coast and to Knysna Oyster Festival to try the best seafood

Jacarandas in Pretoria

late September–mid-November • nature

It's not a mere coincidence that Pretoria is called Jacaranda City—during the blooming season, the city turns purple with 70,000 blooming trees

Surfing the Big Wave

June–August  • activity

Cape Town – the greatest place for surfing all year round. However, if you are an experienced surfer winter might be your best choice

Table Mountain Hiking

March–May | September–November (all year round) • activity

Reach the flat peak to have a look at the beautiful city panorama through the cloudy tablecloth