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Perfect for sunbathers, a period from December to April is a tourist season with room rates at their peak. Yet, it never gets overcrowded in the Maldives. Winter is also your chance to witness an extraordinary spectacle of baby islands' birth. Low season from May through September could be considered the best time to visit the Maldives. Crowds thin out, prices drop, and conditions for scuba diving and surfing are optimal. Rainfalls are possible, but storms usually move quickly. Besides, summer is a high time to see magic bioluminescent plankton. Visiting the Maldives in this period will also introduce you to Ramadan traditions.

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Watch the Birth of Baby Islands

December–January | March–April • nature

Islands in the Maldives may rise from water, sink entirely, move sideways, or change their location completely


November–May • activity

The resort you stay at is just a small part of what the Maldives has to offer—take a boat and enjoy turquoise adventures

Beach Season

December–April • activity

Pristine white beaches paired with turquoise waters—the beauty of Maldives is undisputable!

Dolphin Watching

November–April • activity

Nobody trained these local dolphins, yet they will perform amazing stunts for you when encouraged by your applause

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

January–April • activity

Explore the seabed around Maldives—its numerous channels and lagoons teem with marine wildlife

Fish Delicacies

November–March • food

Fish in the Maldives come in all imaginable and unimaginable forms, including fish broth, fried fish rolls, and fish pastries


November–April • nature

The star-studded night is well viewed from any beach, yet observatories offer more—views of distant heavenly bodies


February–November • activity

These islands are called a surfer's paradise for a reason—go and check it out!

Big Game Fishing

November–March • activity

This is paradise not just for sunbathers and divers, but also fishermen - this is world's best big game fishing destination

Whale Sharks

all year round • nature

There are not many places on Earth that offer whale shark encounters on a regular basis, and Maldives belongs to those few!


all year round • food

In the Maldives coconut means much more than just a common accompaniment for desserts


Bioluminescent Plankton

June–October • nature

When you cruise around the Maldives at night, you can reveal a colony of glowing plankton

Independence Day

July 26 • event

Maldives commemorates its long way to independence through colourful parades, flag hoisting ceremonies, and other solemnities

National Day

November 09, 2018 • event

Heavily ceremonial festivities include military parades, flag-raising performances, and political speeches


May 16–June 14, 2018 • food

Fast from sunrise to sunset, and feast from dusk till down

Victory Day

November 03 • event

Festive parades and ceremonies are held to celebrate the joint victory of Maldivians and Indians