Best weather to visit Maldives

Maldives Weather: Wet Season (Southwest Monsoon)

Summer brings a great deal of rainfall and strong winds to the Maldives

Wet Season (Southwest Monsoon)
Wet Season (Southwest Monsoon)
Wet Season (Southwest Monsoon)

The weather stays warm in the Maldives all year round. However, from the end of April southwest monsoon of the Indian Ocean, called "Halhangu", brings rains and extreme humidity all over the region. The temperature during this period often stays over 30 °C. So many tourists are tempted to visit the Maldives despite the rains. And some months of the wet season are indeed suitable for a beach vacation. It hardly rains for more than two or three days during your stay.

It’s also worth to remember that southern part of the Maldives is more exposed to southwest monsoon and therefore gets more rain. While the average amount of precipitation is about 2,540 mm in the north (Male), it reaches 3,810 mm in the southern parts (Gan). If you decide to visit the Maldives during the wet season, make sure you pick either spring or fall months. June to August is indeed the wettest period, with torrential rains, storms, rough sea, and high winds. It might rain for a few days in a row or even for a week.

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