Best weather to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong Weather: Summer (Monsoon Season)

This time of the year Hong Kong experiences tropical cyclones and occasional thunderstorms

Best time: May–September

Summer (Monsoon Season)
Summer (Monsoon Season)

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate and during the summer it’s being influenced by southwest monsoon bringing humidity and rains to Asia. The heaviest rains hit the city between May and September, however, sometimes the stormy season may start as early as April and last until October or even November. If you decide to come during that time, it doesn’t mean it will rain constantly. Hong Kong weather is rather unpredictable, and rains can be followed by sunshine and heat waves. But also shower rains, storms and floodings may occur.

September is a peak month for typhoons although they can also happen during other wet monsoon months. Always check the weather forecast and typhoon-related warnings. Some typhoons can be so powerful that many city businesses close, and people are advised to stay indoors. Typhoons got their name from Cantonese dai fung, which translates as "big wind". To inform people about the dangers of a storm, a system of numbers has been developed. Typhoon Signal No. 8 is the most severe kind of storm when people are urged not to leave their homes.

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