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Clam Digging in Hong Kong

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Clam Digging
Clam Digging

Clam digging was one of the main sources of income for locals in the past. Nowadays it is an extremely popular activity on Lantau—the biggest of Hong Kong's islands. The activity can be best organised in Shui Hau village on the Southern Lantau where you can easily rent the necessary equipment. Exercise your arms and back muscles to enjoy the feeling of your own harvest and bring the clams to the Fung Wong Bungalow Centre where they can be cooked straight away! People say the further out you go, the bigger clams you get! The best time for this activity is between July and August.

Practical info

When is a good time of year to go clam digging in Hong Kong?

Clam digging in Hong Kong is popular during low tide between July and August when clams spawn more and are easily accessible. Visitors intending to embark on this activity are advised to check the weather report for safety reasons and plan accordingly. During this season, the clam population thrives, resulting in profitable clam digging. Show more

Where is the ideal location to rent equipment for clam digging in Southern Lantau?

Shui Hau village in Southern Lantau is the perfect place to rent necessary equipment like the clam-digging rake and basket at pocket-friendly prices of HKD 20-30 per day. Visitors can visit the Fung Wong Bungalow Centre for fresh seafood dishes after a long day of clam digging. The area is a hotspot for clam digging, with a high success rate for catches. Show more

What is the depth required to dig clams in Shui Hau village?

The preferred depth for digging clams in the beaches of Shui Hau village is 30-40 cm. Beginners can learn from locals and go in groups, divide areas and work more efficiently to reduce waiting time for resources to replenish. To get more sizeable clams, one could venture further from the shore. Show more

What clam species are available when clam digging in Hong Kong?

Clam digging in Hong Kong yields four types of clams – blood cockle, corbicula, hard clam, and razor clam. Blood cockles are famous for their red meat, and corbiculas have a subtle taste. Hard clams are oval and chewy texture, while razor clams are sword-shaped and tricky to get. Visitors are advised to know what they want and take only what they need to avoid overfishing. Show more

Are there any regulations on the amount of clams to collect per person?

In Hong Kong, there are no specific regulations on the amount of clams visitors can collect. However, responsible fishing practices are encouraged. Visitors should take only what they need or plan to eat to avoid overfishing. This practice prevents reduced resources and ecosystem damage. Regulations can vary based on visa status and nationality, so visitors should check with their consulates before embarking on their clam digging journey. Show more

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