Olga Valchyshen


Olga Valchyshen is a Ukrainian-born journalist and editor, based in New York. An alumnus of the University of Missouri-Columbia with an MA in Journalism, Olga worked in Ukraine’s leading news publications: Kyiv Post, Korrespondent, Novynar, and Focus Magazine. For over 15 years, she has been covering politics, economics, and culture. Olga developed a passion for travel when she was the chief editor of the Ukrainian edition of National Geographic Magazine. During her work for rove.me, Olga has specialized in covering the United States and Canada.

Olga loves exploring the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, the Berkshires, Upstate New York, and the New England coastal towns. She dreams of visiting continents where she hasn’t been yet—Oceania and Antarctica. Olga also hopes to show her children different regions of their native Ukraine, especially the Crimean Peninsula, where she spent many summers as a kid.