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Flying over the Nazca Lines during the Dry Months

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The Nazca lines are famous all around the world, but the only chance for you to explore them by yourself is to jump on a plane and try to enjoy the flight. Sounds easy, but may be tricky in reality.

Planes take off from several cities, including Nazca, Pisco, Ica, and others, but the distance, of course, plays a key role in price calculation. On average, you should be ready to pay around $100 plus airport tax. Even though many companies play with discounts, the security and reliability of the company should be your first priority. So, a thorough search of decent companies is necessary, and you can also book a sit in beforehand. Before getting on the plane think if you need anti-nausea pills, as in order to see some geoglyphs pilots need to make steep turns of the plane, and not every stomach can cope with that. Also do not take too many things with you, as there are always weight limits on such local flights.

Finally, when on the plane try not to take too many pictures of those huge monkeys, birds, and geometric shapes, otherwise you can miss the inimitable and mysterious beauty of the Nazca desert and its inhabitants.

Flights over the Nazca lines are organised year-round, but the best period is between November and March when there is only a small probability of rain. Also, morning flights with less turbulence and no haze may be more productive.

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