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Titicaca and other Mountain Lakes

Among high hills and ice glaciers, these lakes hide their stunning beauty

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Not every mountain range can boast lakes that are hiding between high snowy peaks. The Peruvian Andes can and this could be a great activity for curious and physically strong people to look for some of them.

The most famous mountainous lake in Peru is Titicaca. It is the biggest lake in South America and it is visited by almost everyone who travels to Peru. It's floating islands Islas Uros are definitely worth seeing. But what is also worth seeing and usually drops out of sight is a bunch of other mountainous lakes that are more wild, natural, and less crowded in Peru.

Lake 69 or Laguna Sesentinueve is one of 400 lakes in Huascaran National Reserve. It is located at an altitude of 4,600 metres and a moderately easy trek can take you there from the nearby village. During the hike, you can enjoy the view of several snowy mountains and waterfalls.

Llaca Lake is located in the same region as Lake 69, but hiking there is considered even easier. Some other key benefits include very dense flora on the way and the ability to take a close look (and even touch) Ochapalca Glacier.

Llanganuco Lakes are situated in Cordillera Blanca region near the feet of the highest peak in Peru mount Huascaran. There are actually two of them—Chinancocha and Orconcocha—and from Quechua dialect, this means "female lake" and "male lake". Visit Llanganuco to find out the great love story which lies behind these names and enjoy the beauty of emerald water and surrounding wild nature.

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