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La Fiesta Grande de Andacollo

December 23–December 27 • event

December marks the peak of colourful religious celebrations held monthly in Andacollo

Marble Caves or Cuevas de Mármol

September–February • nature

This 6,000-year-old formation of marble caverns is washed with turquoise blue waters

Patagonia Wildlife

September–April • nature

The fauna of Patagonia includes cute llamas, fast pumas, grand Andean condors, penguins, sea lions, and dolphins


September–March • nature

The dryest place on the Earth appears to be the best gateway to observe the cosmos and look for life on Mars


All Year • activity

If you still mock people speaking about aliens, unknown flying objects in the Chilean sky may change your sarcastic attitude

Penguin Safari

late September–March • nature

Along with cute Chilean penguins you can see their friendly cohabitants including sea lions and lots of birds

Hiking in Patagonia

November–March • activity

The wilderness of Chilean Patagonia is a natural refuge at the end of Earth able to cure the weary soul

Hot Springs of the Atacama Desert

September–March • nature

A warm bath amidst steam pillars towering in the middle of the chilly desert—an invaluable experience

Ice Field Trekking

November–March • activity

Ten days spent in an endless ice field—challenging and gruelling, but also amazing and a truly unforgettable experience


September–May • activity

Stunning bike trails run from north to south all along the country, and on the border between Chile and Argentina

Wildflowers of Patagonia

October–February • nature

Gorgeous​ colours paint the roadsides, grasslands, waterfalls, national parks, woods, and steppes of Chile

Kayaking and Canoeing

December–April • activity

Some of the most isolated parts at the End of the World are accessible only by the Patagonian water network


mid-September–February • activity

Chilean landscapes are particularly beautiful when observed from the sky in flight

Pudu Deer

November–February • nature

The world's tiniest deer are found in small numbers in dense Chilean forests—such a wildlife encounter is a rare blessing

Laguna Roja or Devil's Lagoon

late November–March • nature

Discovered in remote Andean area only in 2009, this place has already gained a notorious fame as a cursed possession of the devil himself

New Year Fireworks in Valparaiso

December 31–January 01 • event

A stunning pyrotechnic spectacle, this festival once broke the world record for New Year's fireworks

Pan de Indio or Indian Bread

October–April • food

Native Chileans used edible fungi​ as a substitute for bread, and nowadays it is applied in salads, jams, and souvenirs

Mountain and Volcano Climbing

December–February | June–August • nature

Though most volcanoes have been climbed thousand times, several summits are still waiting for daring enthusiasts

Wild Horses

October–April • nature

Meet incredibly fast and graceful animals living in the pristine corners of Argentina and Chile

Whale Watching

December–April • nature

Only recently discovered, blue whales are regular visitors of the krill-abundant Corcovado gulf

Tierra del Fuego

October–April • nature

The southernmost tip of the planet is often named "fin del mundo" or "end of the world"

Guanaco Fighting

early December–early January • nature

According to the strict rules of the animal world, a male has to win the coveted female in a fight

Greater Rhea

August–January • nature

There is a theory that the greater rhea is the first flightless bird and all kinds of ostriches are derived from them

Sailing and Cruising

September–April • activity

The network of Patagonian waterways allows to discover the virgin beauty of gorgeous​ natural landscapes and local fauna

Cascada de Ventisquero Colgante

December–February • nature

Visit the relatively new glacial waterfall at its fullest power!

Chilean Curanto

November–February • food

Meat, seafood, and veggies were originally cooked together on hot stones in a pit, and today—in pots or over a grill

White Water Rafting

December–April • activity

Deep blue waters, white currents and breathtaking scenery make​ the Futaleufú River fabulous for rafting


September–March • activity

For the explorers of national cultures worldwide, seeing a round of Chilean rodeo is a must

Sea Urchins or Erizos

November–July • food

An unusual and prickly sea delicacy


December • food

The high price of this delicious, but scarce and short-lasting fruit, is certainly justified

Grazing Sheep

September–May • nature

Remember the proverb: "Eagles fly alone, but sheep flock together?" Imagine what chaos could 60,000 sheep cause

Dock of Souls (Muelle de las Almas)

December–March • activity

A mystical and philosophical dock installation on Chiloe Island


mid-November–April • activity

Fishing enthusiasts may try their luck in approved areas, or also discover their own fish-abundant locales

Southern Giant Petrel

November–March • nature

This truly giant bird impresses with its dimensions, as well as carrion-based diet, and is best observed in breeding colonies on Patagonian coast

Corn Season

January–February • food

The best way to enjoy the season is to order pastel del choclo, humitas, porotos granados, or better all of them!

Cola de Mono

late December–early January • food

Gourmet connoisseurs must sample this appealing coffee and milk drink infused with liquor


September–May • activity

Slugs, crabs, fish, sharks, dolphins, and whatnot roams along Chile's lengthy coastline


February–December • activity

Tickets are sold out long beforehand for the matches of the famed Chilean "big three"

The Chilean Bellflower

September–May • nature

​Its tender appearance​ is deceptive – this vine flower is really strong and long-lasting


Fiesta de La Tirana

July 12–July 17 • event

Never will you see anything like this—all the evil spirits are scared off by the fearsome and rhythmic "dance of the devils"

Indigenous New Year or We Tripantu

June 24 • event

Mapuche Indians along with other Chilean indigenous nations celebrate their traditions in June

Flowers in the Atacama Desert​

September, 2020 • nature

Once every 5 to 7 years the driest place on the globe is transformed into a pink carpet of wildflowers


late February–early May • activity

Besides high-quality wine sampling, visitors can partake in grape stomping or harvest queen competitions


April 28, 2019 • event

Colourful processions of priests and Chilean cowboys mesmerise street-walkers on their way to the sick

Cuecas Mil

September 18 • activity

This is the only occasion to see a thousand Chilean national dances at one spectacle

Patagonian International Marathon

September 08, 2018 • event

The running route winds through one of world's finest wild landscapes, breathtaking without any exaggeration

Termas Geometricas

March–August • activity

Alice would be amazed by this hot spring wonderland in Chile


January 06 • activity

The first Chilean sport introduced by an indigenous nation partially resembles hockey


June–November • food

Food adventurers should definitely try it raw, but it is more common in a range of desserts

Horseback Riding in the Andes

March–May • activity

A ride in the formidable Andes atop of a trained Chilean horse will surely provide a memorable experience

Skiing and Snowboarding

mid-June–October • activity

The grand Andes Mountains and bizarre Chilean pipe-like volcanic slopes ensure a great skiing holiday

Centolla or King Crab

July–November • food

Sefood lovers will appreciate the sweet taste of red Centolla meat

Surfing and Windsurfing

March–May • activity

Thousands of kilometres of coastline, huge Pacific waves, and the mild crowds​ fall season makes for great surfing

Calafate or Berberis

February • food

Some might bid it a silly superstition, but others will eat the berries to ensure they visit the Andes once again

Grape Harvest

February–early May • food

Only in Chile can you enjoy this noble drink of world-class quality for so cheap

Dog Sledding

July–September • activity

A great way to discover the winter-time Patagonia

Wild Berries

February | April • food

Prickly Heath and Wild Currant harvested at the end of the world's unpolluted wilderness are truly delicious

Autumn Colours

late March–early May • nature

When autumn comes to the Lake District, the area burst into seasonal colours