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Whale Watching in Chile

Only recently discovered, blue whales are regular visitors of the krill-abundant Corcovado gulf

Best time: December–April

Whale Watching

​The Golfo del Corcovado flowing between the mainland of Chile and Chiloé Island has been a famous tourist destination among wildlife lovers since the recent revelation of its annual marine visitors—blue whales. From December to April the gulf appears to teem​ with these lovely sea mammals feasting on the krill found in abundance in these waters. It is difficult to say for how long they have been visiting the gulf before the discovery but today anyone willing may go on a whale watching trip during the Chilean summer months.

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What is the best time to visit Chile for whale watching?

To spot blue whales in Chile, visiting from December to April is the ideal time. These months witness the Corcovado gulf becoming home to blue whales that feast on krill. It is possible to see these magnificent creatures throughout the year, but rough waters during winters make searching for marine mammals difficult. Hence, the best time to visit Chile for an incredible whale watching experience is from December to April. Show more

Why is the Corcovado gulf a famous tourist destination among wildlife lovers?

The Corcovado Gulf attracts wildlife lovers due to the variety of marine life present there. Marine life such as blue whales, humpback whales, dolphins, and orcas can be spotted here. It is located near the Humboldt marine current that brings nutrient-rich water, resulting in a diverse ecosystem that houses krill and fish, attracting marine mammals. Additionally, one can spot animals like otters, fur seals, and penguins in the region, making it an exceptional experience for nature enthusiasts. Show more

What other marine animals can be seen in the Gulf besides blue whales?

Apart from blue whales, other marine animals that can be seen in the Corcovado Gulf include humpback whales. They usually visit between July and November every year. Orcas can be seen during summers, and dolphins can be spotted throughout the year. Penguins, sea otters, and seals are abundant in the area, making the Gulf diverse in terms of wildlife habitat that caters to all animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. Show more

Where are the best spots to go on a whale watching trip in Chile?

One of the best spots to go whale watching is the Corcovado Gulf in Chile, while the Strait of Magellan is another great location. Tour companies offer guided whale watching tours from various regions like Punta Arenas, Pucon, or Puerto Montt. Visitors will enjoy an educational and fascinating experience with a great guide who will provide extensive knowledge about the whales and their behaviors. Show more

When did the discovery of blue whales visiting the gulf take place?

It is not clear how long blue whales have been visiting the Corcovado Gulf, but the discovery of these creatures started in the mid-2000s. Researchers tracked the whales through electronic tags and identified a feeding ground for blue whales in Chile. Afterward, there has been an increase in tourism, and visitors come worldwide to see the blue whales up close in the Gulf. Show more

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