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The driest place on the Earth appears to be the best gateway to observe the cosmos and look for life on Mars


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The Atacama Desert located in the north of the country is a perfect cosmos observatory owing to a couple of optimal natural conditions: namely few clouds, small population and hence no light pollution, dry air and high altitudes—all these make for excellent stargazing opportunities.

The area was chosen by NASA for testing their Martian Rovers. Moreover, the Paranal Observatory boasts the world's biggest telescope known as the Bery Large Telescope, and the Atacama Large Millimetre Array is home to the most powerful radio telescope found in the world. The desert landscapes were repeatedly screened in a range of science fiction films, and the scenery is particularly stunning spotlit by the starry light and the moon.

As the best time to visit the Atacama Desert is from September to March, stargazing tours are organised on a regular basis. There are hotels available to stay overnight, but for a more incredible experience, ​there is the option to try night camping in the Moon Valley.

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