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Indigenous New Year or We Tripantu 2023

Mapuche Indians along with other Chilean indigenous nations celebrate their traditions in June


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​Regardless of the universal New Year celebration, the indigenous people of Chile view the period of the winter solstice as the turning point in the yearly cycle and celebrate the new year or the on the 24th of June. This is the time when fall harvests are over, and winter has set in so that the earth can finally rest and renew its fertility. Thus, an essential element of such festivals is giving thanks to Mother Nature for her generous gifts. Native Chilean people who still celebrate such festivals include the Rapa Nui, Quechua, and Aymara nations. The greatest celebration o​f that kind is held by the Mapuche Indians, who refer to it as "We Tripantu" meaning "the return of the sun." The two main locations include the city of Temuco and other southern rural regions, and also the hill of Santa Lucía in Santiago.

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