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Colombian Folk Festival in Ibagué 2024

Discover the musical capital of Colombia at the Ibague Folk Festival. Folk and traditional music and dances await you!

Dates: June 17-July 3, 2024

Colombian Folk Festival in Ibagué
Colombian Folk Festival in Ibagué
Colombian Folk Festival in Ibagué

This festival was created in 1974 and takes place in the city of Ibagué famous for its music festivals, concerts, and music conservatory. You can enjoy traditional Colombian music and competitions between groups and soloists who are mainly farmers from the region.

During this time women are dressed in traditional dresses, and men wear white shirts and pants with a coloured kerchief around their neck and traditional shoes—alpargatas or espadrilles. Visiting the central parks and squares, you will also see concerts and traditional dances such as pasillo, sanjuanero, and bambuco. It's impossible to stay still to the beat of traditional Andean rhythms! It's a great opportunity to feel and to learn about Colombian folk music and dancing, meet local people, make new friends, and just enjoy Colombian culture.

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