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Feria de Cali 2024

Do you love dancing salsa? If you do, come to the heart of is all—Cali! Enjoy dancing and learning salsa at different parties and visit the Cali Fair

Dates: December 25–December 30

Feria de Cali

Cali is known as the Capital of Salsa worldwide. In Cali, you can hear music being played in every corner in the city. While visiting the city you can try different clubs and parties where you can learn to dance salsa with the locals. The nightlife in the city is amazing with a truly fantastic atmosphere. The best places where you can enjoy dancing and learning salsa are Tin Tin Deo, La Topa Tolondra, Zaperoco, and Delirio. You can find plenty of good drinks and traditional food as well!

One of the most famous events in Cali is Feria de Cali (Cali Fair). The festival is held for just five days from December 25th until the 30th. Here you can enjoy folk music, especially amazing Latin music, different concerts and events like “Superconcert” which is the biggest music event here. During Superconcierto, you can check out different national and international dances. This festival is full of incredible salsa performances like “Salsodromo”—a famous street carnival. One more wonderful event during the festival is the classic and unique car parade where you can see the most luxurious cars. What is more, it's a great chance to try traditional food and enjoy amazing Colombian meals and sweets.

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