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MARCH 31 - APRIL 10:MARCH 31 - APRIL 10:



year round (best March–May) • activity

Honduras is a diving Mecca with a pirate pedigree

Ziplining on Roatán

March–September • activity

Try this unforgettable experience of flying over the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean!

Cashew Fruit

December–April • food

Cashew nuts stand out from the variety of nuts with their unusual shape in the form of a comma

Mayan Ruins in Copán

all year round (best November–April) • activity

This once beautiful city, even in ruins now, illustrates the peak of the Mayan civilisation's achievements

Mountain Biking

December–May • activity

Honduras is a perfect place for a mountain bike adventures!

Cacao Harvest

September–March • food

Ancient Aztecs called cocoa the "food of the gods"

Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

July–March • activity

If you are looking for the best whitewater rafting and kayaking, Rio Cangrejal is a popular site for thrill-seekers

Coffee Harvest

October–March • food

Find out how coffee is grown, collected, and processed

Horseback Riding on Roatán

March–September • activity

Enjoy jungle scenery and the beaches of Roatan atop a horse!


November–April • nature

Excellent bird watching in the quiet locale of Lake Yojoa


December–March • activity

Discover the mysteries of Honduras while walking through deserted and unexplored trails

Whale Shark Season around Utila

March–April | June–September • activity

This interesting phenomenon of whale shark aggregation gives a chance to see a few of these huge creatures at the same time

Holy Week and Easter Carpets (Alfombras)

March 25–April 01, 2018 • event

Easter festivities are not complete without colourful carpets covering the main streets


October–July • activity

This exciting fishing for unusual fish is available only in Honduras!


February–August • activity

Rise out of the beautiful, crystal-clear Caribbean waters by kite



December 24–December 25 • food

A favourite delicious food throughout Central America, especially in Honduras

Lluvia de Peces (Rain of Fish)

May or June • nature

On the eve of this natural phenomenon, the sky is tightened by clouds, strong winds blow, rain pours, and there is plenty of thunder and lightning

Sea Turtle Nesting and Hatching

August–October (nesting) | October–December (hatching) • nature

See how volunteers care for the turtles' eggs and babies during the summer breeding season

Maíz (Corn) Season

May–November • food

Try some tustacas, empanadas, tamales, pozol, tamalitos, tortillas, and famous donuts made from golden corn, a staple food of Honduras

Feria Juniana (June Fair)

June • event

Join this vibrant celebration in San Pedro Sula during the whole month of June

La Ceiba Carnival

May 26, 2018 • event

This unique fair in La Ceiba is very similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans


August–December • food

Rambutan is a sweet and sour fruit, quite pleasant with a bright scent

SunJam Festival

August 04–05, 2017 • event

One of the largest techno music events in Latin America