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This exciting fishing for unusual fish is available only in Honduras!


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Fishing in Honduras is quite interesting because you can catch the most amazing tropical fish. Fishing season lasts almost all year round.

The Bonefish is a type species of the bonefish family which is called the "ghost of the flats.” The island of Roatan with miles of pristine flats and productive seagrass beds is an ideal bonefish habitat. They feed on the bottom by kicking up sand called “mudding.” Although it is easy to spot in the water, it does not mean that the bonefish is easy to catch. Bonefish are notoriously wary: it stays on constant alert, spooking and running at any strange vibration, splash, or even a shadow. Bonefishing is available year round but the most productive months are from October through May.

Famous as ”the holy grail of flats,” the Permit has frustrated more anglers than possibly any other fish anywhere in the world. This fish is tricky, very cautious in shallow water, and has a keen sense of smell and sight. That's why permit fishing is the most difficult type of fishing you will ever do. They get moody, sulky, and will sometimes just flat out refuse to cooperate. Each year thousands of anglers flock to the Bay Islands to hunt this "phantom," but not everyone has such luck to catch this fish. Try your luck anyway year round with the best numbers of fish found from February to July.

Tarpon is known for its acrobatic stunts and capability of jumping up to few meters out of the water. It is also famous as the "silver king" because of its shiny scales. Remember that you don’t want to go too light when you choose tackle for tarpon. This fish is large and powerful. There is a large population of tarpon in the brackish water of the mangrove lagoons in Honduras. Its peak season is between October and January.

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