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Ancient fishermen used sharpened sticks to catch fish, today spearfishing is modernised with mechanical spearguns which are proven to be much more efficient than hook fishing. Besides, when the setting is pristine New Zealand's waters with its gorgeous coral reefs, underwater forests and multicoloured fish, hook fishing seems to be just inexcusable. The diving equipment allows fishermen to creep up close to the prey without scaring it off, and mechanically powered spearguns make it possible to aim directly at the fish and make a fast shot. In general, spearfishing resembles underwater hunting.

The best spearfishing areas in New Zealand are Bay of Plenty, White Island and Poor Knight Islands. The waters are abundant in Yellowtail Kingfish, Two Spot Fish, Bronze Whaler, Sandagers Wrasse, Blue Morwong, Manta Ray, Pink Mau Mau and other marine jewels. The best time for spearfishing coincides with a ​diving season as it requires good water visibility, that is time between summer and winter, namely from February to June.

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